"I'm no fighter, I'm just a survivor..." -Xen Skyne



Name: Xen Skyne ( pronounced zen skine)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 220 lbs (roughly) with weighted clothes, 180 (roughly) without

Hair: Ginger with blood red highlights

Eyes: Blue with a dulling grey tint, pupils are vertical slits

Skin: Bone white

Team: None at the moment

I.Q: 200 to unknown

Vocation before Beacon: Weapon smith, amateur monster hunter

Likes: Reading, forging/fixing weapons, weapons in general, killing monsters, the scent of blood, snow, those who remind him of Pyque (caring, strong), those who've lost a lot, smart and strong people.

Dislikes: Idiots, obnoxious people, fire.

Fears: Being forgotten.

Skills: Quick learner, strong, abnormally smart, trained medic, cook, fast runner, high resilience to pain.

Weaknesses: Mild psychosis, constantly medicated, suseptible to blunt force trauma, electricity, wants to die, enemies at range.

Aura colour: Blood red


Xen is a very tall, very pale teen, his skin is an eerie bone white, he has ginger hair with flecks of blood red throughout it's strands and blue eyes that are dulled by a deep grey tint, a tint that fails to stop the blue from contrasting Xen's reddish hair. Despite looking big and stocky, Xen in reality simply wears very heavy clothing to hide his exact body type, with his light grey arctic hoodie being his most common outerwear, along with thick track pants, or cargo pants, with a plain, usually dark t-shirt under his hoodie. On his lower back he has a dark brown, long and thick pouch, which is filled with various medical supplies, with two knife sheathes facing away from each other tucked into the gap between his back and the pouch itself, this pouch is usually largely hidden by his thick hoodi and therefore largely missable, and rather obvious when he's not wearing the hoodie. He can be seen in these clothes almost exclusively, unless it is a special occasion, in which case he will wear clothes that are appropriate, with the exception of shorts or very tight clothing, which he will never wear.

Xen's most recogniseable feature is the large burn on his right cheek, with the small cut on the bridge of his nose that points to his left eye and two parallel slashes on his left cheek that point to his ear simply framing his other features. Under his thick sleeves, Xen wears light brown combat gloves which have a very noticeable weight to them, with a metal plate on the backs of the gloves and on the knuckles for punching, these gloves end at his biceps with thick, cream coloured cuffs. If these gloves were to be removed, one would notice bandages wrapped around Xen's right arm from the tips of his fingers and up over his shoulders, wrapping around his chest to both cover old wounds and to hold them in place. 

Beneath these seemingly sterile bandages is the charred skin from past events, though mostly 'healed' the skin is still cracked and red in places, the bandages are more to hide the wound than anything else. His left bicep has a three inch slash, while the forearm, wris and hand of this arm is covered in small cuts and an unsettling amount of bite marks, every one of which is human. His chest has burns crawling from his right arm, which are often wrapped in their own bandages with a speckling of minor scratches of scars on his chest, stomach and back, his stomach has a long scar that resembles a line of savage stab wounds with wild edges, a similar scar is on his back in a similar place, both go from hip to hip. His thick pants hide a large grouping of puncture wounds of varied age on his left thigh, as well as the odd scar. Xen, regardless of weather, does not wear any form of foot wear, including boots and socks, instead he walks bare foot, his feet have red patches about the flesh and the soles have a number of healed cuts, but he insists on not wearing shoes or boots unless at a very formal affair (which even then is rare for him to agree to do so).

Despite seeming relatively skinny, Xen has trained to the point of having lean muscle where there would be fat, giving him a surprising strength as he can still pass as a tall weakling at first glance.Xen's most menacing characteristic is his teeth, which are sharper than the average set, if one was to take notice of his neck, they would see a thin collar wrapped around it like a small choker, the collar is thickest on the back of his neck and is very subtle at the front and sides, especially when he is wearing his hoodie.


Xen Skyne in reality isn't this teen's birth name, which is Aaron Vasc, a name that Xen does not take kindly to be called as he thinks of it as a dead man's name, it's a name very few remember and even fewer could place it to his face. Xen in the past has been referred to as a lone wolf or as 'the strong silent type' but these accolades aren't exactly accurate, in fact he's only called strong at all by those who've fought by his side.To everyone else he is a lazy and stupid teen who only does what interests him and doing what seems to be the bare minimum to pass a class, an accusation rendered false by the grades he has, Xen in reality has a very high IQ (200 to UNK) and often completes work before a class is over, though he acts like he's doing nothing. He does however tend to sit at the back of the class with his hood up over his head and hiding what he's doing from those around him, giving the lone wolf some merit.

Those with an eye for detail and the willingness to use it will notice that he holds his head high and stands with excellent posture, his hands ready to latch onto anything that can be used as a weapon, betraying experience on the battlefield that few people his age have, which is only strengthened by the way he can complete some complex techniques with relatively little training and the eerie grace that he uses to move around. Xen has been seen by many as just simply a fighter, but he hates this accolade the most, as he refers to himself as merely a lowly survivor , branding himself as such bitterly. Despite being a quick learner, Xen is competent of where he is on a skill level and rates himself as slightly above average, as some techniques he can complete easily, but others are not his to do at the moment, though the techniques he is capable of work well for him and he , in actual fights, uses his strength and resilience more than what others would consider skill. He does have a tendency to be modest, if negative at times.

Xen is a smith of a number of complex and dangerous weapons, ranging from simple flick knives to devastating warhammers and most of what's between, due to this he excels in making and repairing even the most complex of weaponry with either a small amount of guidance from the original maker or some schematics. He will often, however, simply take apart a new weapon to see how it works and ,thanks to his very potent memory, is able to put it back together flawlessly.

Xen 'likes' those who treat the steel (weapon) they carry better than themselves and will often try to make their aquaintance, the more complex the weapon the larger the chance of this happening, though the he still won't become 'friendly' until you've fought by his side against a number of dangerous monsters and remained upright afterwards, an act few people alive today have done. Xen is very observant and will often be seen either making notes or sketching various things, namely people, weapons and monsters as well as a few places,  or he'll be seen simply watching his fellow man, studying their moves and how they carry themselves. This behaviour can be seen tenfold whenever Xen is watching someone fight as he'll study their style, whether their posture is proper or if it simply works for them, as he may either have to fight with them or against them at some point.

Xen's psyche, unfortuneatly, is far from sane, in fact he suffers from a number of mental disorders that include PTSD and ADD, though there is a specific disorder that results in him feeling hungry, as he puts it, for flesh and blood and on more than one occasion, he has begun to eat his dead foe. Xen's adrenalin is abnormally potent and while this may allow him to fight longer and harder than most, it has severe setbacks such as an adrenalin induced psychosis that can result in the calm teen turning into a savage, blood stained disaster with little to no control of his actions. Xen takes an onslaught of medication to counter this and keep focused, but his adrenalin has a habit of cutting through his meds if a fight gets too exciting, which can become a problem for those around him. Often Xen can be seen on the battlefield with a large wolfish on his face, which only grows with the amount of blood spilt, even if it's his own.

To counter this, Xen needs to remain calm at all times, some of his meds help him do this, but he has a surprising control over his emotions even without them, though he does fidget and stare off into space a considerable amount without his meds and he'll stay away from people actively, not trusting he'll be able to keep his cool, thus he made a collar that keeps his heart rate at a certain level and limits the amount of adrenalin in his veins, which he wears when in civilised areas, but he'll often remove it after moving into the wild in case he needs to fight. As a result of this need for control, Xen has a stunning amount of stamina and a staggering resilience to pain even without his adrenalin and has sometimes even begun to toy with a sparring partner even after their limbs have gone numb, a skill that he isn't quick to admit, though he can still succumb to blood loss and ruptured organs like everyone else, he's just able to deal with most if not all of the pain of battle. Which is needed with his near suicidal attitude towards battle. As probably guessed by his large amounts of burns, Xen doesn't like fire, its not a fear, more of an annoyance, though even he'll attempt to move away from flames whenever possible, on one occasion he broke the hand of a teen who thought it'd be funny to wave a torch in his face, an act he was reprimanded for.

Despite not very welcome to the idea of dwelling on his past, it still affects how he goes about his daily life as he still works to remember the past as a way of repaying his lost friends. As such those who remind him of his lost friends and family, especially if they remind him of Pyque a long lost comrade, will often be regarded with some degree of care and will often be accepted faster than others. On the opposite side of the spectrum, those who remind him of those who hated and excluded him as a child (ie; arrogant, obnoxious, discriminatory,etc) will often be regarded with contempt or refered to as annoyances that are to be avoided. Though difficult to do, Xen can get angry which is different to when he's simply annoyed, the easiest way to do this is to judge him on his past and attack his memory of those he's lost, something one can only do if they have the knowledge required to do so. Doing this is not advised as Xen can get violent if this goes on for long enough and this has even caused him to lose complete control of his actions once in the past, an event he doesn't talk about.

As previously stated, Xen bitterly brands himself as a survivor, this is due to the considerable amount of fights he's been in that he was the only one left standing, or alive at all. Xen has lost a number of friends and family to monsters, events that cracked and wrenched his sanity into the state it is in now. Despite not wanting to hurt those who don't really deserve it, Xen is largely apathetic to those around him, as well as to himself. Xen is actively seeking his death and thus will fight overwhelming odds when possible, sometimes forgetting that he has a team if one is present, often getting those in it as well as himself hurt, though when in civilised areas, his collar (when on) will start beeping if his heart rate starts rising, a warning that he's going to get shocked, in such an event he'll try to take a deep breath or, in extreme cases, will go so far as to pull his left glove off and bite his own flesh, using the pain that follows as something to focus on to calm himself down, the amount of force sometimes used in this act can and will break his skin, resulting in the many scars already on the limb. As he has come to terms with death, and is actually trying to die, Xen's reason to try to be a Hunter is the sole act of dying a hero's death, a death to be remembered for ages to come, one that may cleanse his soul of all the wrong he's done.

He has, unfortunately, killed a few humans, whether by accident or no, causing him to have a few enemies in the world. It is Xen's firm belief that being hated is a fate that many may deserve but is not a very wanted thing, but being forgotten is a subject that actually scares Xen and is argueably the only thing that fear will stop him from doing something,  even being hated is a viable alternative to being forgotten in his eyes as he'll sometimes come across as cold, though rarely discriminatory. Not seeing the point in being a bumbling idiot or a class slown, Xen instead strives to be remembered as the slayer of dangerous monsters.

Because of this, Xen will often seek out more dangerous things he can fight instead of what he is required or supposed to do at the time. As such crossing through hostile territory stealthily may not be a very good choice for a mission, as he may attempt to provoke more dangerous monsters. This want for battle however, diminishes with the ease of which a monster can be killed, in the past he has run after a DeathStalker but left Beowolves to run away, claiming he was bored. Argueably, the main reason he gets hurt in fights is his reckless fighting style, which interferes with his skill somewhat as Xen will often take risks he may not need to in a fight. He does however attempt to think things through, but the more intense the fight, the less he has the capability to do so, but often he will simply go overboard, breaking a foe's bones to simply hear them scream in pain.

Those that witness this can be convinced that the sight of blood is what he loves most, but simply the study/killing of monsters and the study/making of weapons are tied with this. Getting his help in menial tasks can be a chore, even getting him to help you study can be damn near impossible if you haven't fought by his side on multiple occasions, but the promise of a deadly and powerful monster to fight has even stayed his forging hammer mid-swing, a feat that can't be done any other way.  Even the promise of weapon schematics have a similar effect, as he's even passed up attacking a large creature upon the offering of something new, which can be a way to get him to behave on missions, though proving to have decent mettle can fix this problem and surviving a few close encounters with him can get him to actually be friendly, willing to help with your training and studies if he has time, which being away from his forge has given an abundence of, and even listening to your orders on missions.

When not studying (which is often) or training in some way (not as often) Xen reads novels and will often spend hours in libraries, reading a number of books in a relatively short amount of time and can be seen researching weapon blueprints, sketching better designs to attempt the next time he's at his forge, or drawing people, a specific woman is usually his model, and can sometimes be seen painting of all things, again with a certain woman being the usual focal point, however much of his paintings are not for the sane or weak of heart to witness.

He has a mild taste for alchohol, but rarely drinks enough to actually get drunk, one drink, two if he's at a fancy party and rarely any more than that and will smash even a full bottle of booze over a head or simply make a molitov if need be, he sees the appeal of drinking yourself to death, but can't understand what's 'appealing' about actually doing it. This doesn't stop him from carrying two flat, metal flasks, a red one that is filled with questionable liquids and a heavy copper smell wafting from it and a silver one that seems to be filled with plain old alchohol, he'll violently stop anyone from drinking from the red one, but will never say what exactly is in it, but some prompting can get him to pass around the silver one, which he has never drank from in his life. Xen has shown a certain apptitude for music, namely the piano, violin and assorted string instruments and isn't afraid to sing to a tune, even cheerful one's if that's what's playing, though his taste in music reflects his relationship with death and indeed his true take on humanity, at it's most glaring when he plays and sings his favourite song The Day The World Died, a song that judges humanity on the willingness to continue killing each other even after great wars and its refusal to learn from mistakes. With a warm drink in him another chip of his shell can be seen falling to the floor as he'll start performing songs of friends dying and lost loves of all things, showing a bit of his tragic past, which even if he was completely intoxicated would be like pulling teeth to get him to expand on, and even then most likely he'll manage to either mumble or outright skip specific details. The few times he has been drunk, which takes a long time to get him to actually drink his way to that point, the alchohol seemed to calm him down if make him a tad depressed, a fact he'll sometimes voice by complaining about how happy everyone is and wondering how much a few broken fingers could change their mood.

As a sideeffect of his psycosis, namely paranoia, Xen can't sleep near or sometimes even in line of sight of an open window and may even refuse close ones, he also has an aversion to beds, as they give him nightterrors that keep him awake, though he still barely sleeps, instead he will sleep on the floor with as much as a blanket and possibly a pillow, often under a bed to hide out of sight, he has long ago gotten used to the looks those who witness this give him. However, this makes him a very limber person, recovering from sleeping in a tree or on the forest floor in a very short amount of time, almost to the point of no aches or pains after sleeping outside, a skill he uses to be the first one of a team awake and ready if need be.

Xen doesn't mind hot places, his body has gotten used to him wearing heavy clothes even in searing heat, with him barely batting an eye while others wail and complain, witnessing endless death tends to give one....perspective. But the only times he truely comes alive are when he's taking apart a weapon, killing a dangerus monster or simply in a very cold area, in some of these places he'll even remove his hoodie as he loves feeling cold, snow is one of the few nonviolent things that will bring a genuine smile to his face along with rain.

Though he attempts to hide it, Xen is still human, and he does have a caring side, he has been witnessed giving food to the less fortunate and helping those who have gone through a loss similar to the ones of his past. He's even spoken to those who remind him of his lost friends and family, something he's not quick to confess, and works well with those who are kind and caring. Xen works well with women, and he is not perverted, he tends to stare of into space, but rarely ever at people. Curiously, Xen isn't racist and actually finds racists annoying, sometimes going as far as telling them off or defending whoever they're belittling with no expectation of any form of gratitude in return for doing so, Xen judges people by their actions towards themselves and others from how they treat their weapons to how they talk to others and will never be seen talking down to anyone because of who they are and has gotten pretty good at reading people over the years, he can and will be seen judging people for what they've done if their behaviour demands it. Xen isn't afraid of showing his opinions of people, as such if he's prompted to repeat an insult or comment he'll more often than not move closer for the resipient to better hear it.   


Though Xen has a rather brutal and in some cases, even animalistic nature to his fighting style, his weapons are rather complex in either design or simply why he uses them, betraying the amount of thought he put into his weapons and into the supplies he can be counted on for having. In the large, brown pouch on his lower back, Xen has a number of medical supplies, from bandages and dressings to splints and ties, with a few scalpels and forceps for good measure, along with a number of disinfectants and antibiotics with other medications he may deem neccessary, such as painkillers and even antivenin, just in case. Tucked between this pouch and his back are two knife sheathes that are one on top of the other which point to his left and right respectively and as easily as his hoodie ( which is usually draped over the pouch) will allow for quick grabbing, resulting in them pointing downwards mostly. The blades are each a foot long with a straight edges, which are notched for blocking, and simple anti-slip grips.

Tilting from his right shoulder towards his left hip is a rather long, metal sheath that has a foot of sword blade sticking out of the end, betraying it's strict use for storage and not to actually protect the holder if they fall. In this sheath is Xen's pride and joy, Sylvia, which he polishes and sharpens everyday if possible and even wraps in her fine velvet when not carrying her such as when sleeping, which is argueably the only time he'll willingly not carry her around. Sylvia is a cross between a club, a sword and a detaching switchblade, or as Xen calls the original design, a Spikemore, which resembles a claymore with a very long handle, which shortens the blade but not the range. Said handle is four feet long, with the tip of the blade protruding less than a foot from one side, the other being blunt. If one were to look closely at the handle, they'd notice fine segmenting of various areas, this is due to the handles ability to distribute weight to specific points, thus either expanding or shrinking those points, turning the balanced handle into a top heavy club if need be. By pressing a descrete button at the base of the blade, the blade will shoot forward and snap into a new place, effectively adding four feet to it's length, another descrete button being pressed will launch the blade a considereable distance, though the sword can largely be weighted for throwing. Xen often carries another weapon, namely a kukri with a dark grey, almost black blade, this is held in a leather sheath that is either held, protruding from a backback (if he's wearing one) or he has it around his waist, poking out from under his hoodie.

Xen's sheath, though seeming dangerous with a blade sticking out of it, is actually made with combat in mind. There is a way to quickly separate the blade and the club without firing it, one that is possible even while the weapon is in its sheath, thanks to the blade being in empty air, this allows Xen to draw the weapon as both a sword and a club from the start of a fight, or to just use the blade.

Despite seeming useless, there is a reason for his combat gloves, they act as both armor and weapons when Xen is unarmed, though looking rather frail the gloves are made of a heavy material and have a noticeable weight to them, they are stab and slash resistant as well as fire proof, the weight adding power to his punches and with his lack of a shield, give him a line of defence against lighter weapons and against smaller monsters. In fact, Xen's arctic hoodie and pants are largely fire proof, though his flesh is not, thus when facing an enemy that uses fire he'll often pull his hood over his head, to keep his hair and face from burning, inside the lining of his hoodie, with a slightly lighter version in his pants, is a stab and slash resistant liner, which further protects him from attacks and adds weight to these articles of clothing, which have survived a Beowolf's bite and slashes from some heavy blades, though he's still suseptable to blunt force trauma. Xen's weapons may not be the most devastating, or the got-to for most people, but Xen is content with the amount of options multiple weapons have over having a single, and most likely, situational weapon.


Xen's aura is a deep, blood red, which spreads to his entire body. Xen's aura has been awakened for a few years now, and is surprisingly strong, though he doesn't use it every fight, in fact he'll rarely consciously use it in battle. Usually he'll only use it out of reflex, such as when he's about to be hit, which keeps his bones from breaking and from serious wounds hurting him, his aura is argueably the one reason he's still alive. His aura adds to his attack power and to the amount of damage he can take before getting injured, so he has been known to use it to ensure his attacks can break through a larger monster's defences. When he begins to lose himself his aura starts to darken, eventually becoming grey, almost black, at this point, his eye's irises turn grey and his pupils lighten to a silver, the aura also surrounds his teeth, giving them grey points and increasing his ability to rip flesh with them. How dark his aura is depends on how excited he is, ranging from a barely noticed change to full black, in which case it is recommended to get away from him. His aura is usually used against larger monsters, which he may need an edge to beat, but he'll sometimes use it to stop a fellow student's attack, in which case it's usually for proving a point rather than for actual combat.

Team Role

Xen, curiously has extensive training in various medical procedures and first aid and an excellent knowledge of healing and edible herbs and poisonous plants. Along with his knowledge of cooking various meals made from a number of different foods, though few who know a lot about him are willing to eat his cooking at first, he's one that you want in charge of meals. With this expertise, despite his psychotic behaviour, his role in a team is usually the medic or cook, as he often is the most suited for the post, though his manner of attack can have him listed as a team's muscle if need be.

Xen, if seen correctly, can be viewed as smart, skilled, calm and strong. He can complete a few complex techniques, while sparring he can keep his cool and more often than not can simply outlast his opponent into submission and yes he is very smart and indeed is very observant, he'd make an exellent leader right?Wrong....dead wrong. Xen's skill and foresight, if anything, degrades as a fight goes on or by how excited he is, causing him to eventually to fall into mindless violence, killing anything around him whenever possible, but usually still managing to go after the biggest monster on the field. In training Xen may show exceptional promise, possibly more than most students, and yes he shows great clairvoyance when in training, but that's only because his adrenalin isn't spiked, he doesn't feel very excited from being forced to spar against a student no matter how much of a jerk they are.

On the battle field he can and will try to order around those around him if the group leader's not responding to the situation by what he calls "fast enough" and will often make very good tactical orders, but this only lasts against a pack of beowolves or a few Ursai, even a single DeathStalker can get him riled up, the bigger the monster, the more he wants it dead. Once he gets too excited he'll stop talking, he'll stop following orders and will eventually shun all strategy if it means he kills the monster, quickly turning him from a bored looking skilled fighter and into the equivalent of a reckless, though resilient and strong, newbie, making many mistakes and often opening himself up for attacks to kill enemies. Those who witness this are usually urged to worry about themselves and stay away from Xen if this happens as it is the failure of doing so that has lead to some deaths in the past. This turns him from being the leader of a team and into the medic or muscle roles, depending on the situation. Because of this he tends to surprise those who see him fight when he could be calm and even show a morbid sense of humor while fighting a fellow student or smaller monster, but turn into a cold, slightly out of control killer once the level of danger increases....or if someone manages to get him angry, which is hard to do if you don't know how. 

Fighting Style

Xen has a number of fighting styles, which are usually situational, for instance, he'll often use his knives to either get out of a hairy situation by throwing them or he'll use them against lightly armed and armored foes, such as bandits or sometimes smaller monsters, using them as one weapon instead of two, linking slashes together as he holds a knife in each hand. If fighting humans, he'll sometimes hold the knives towards the enemy, giving him better range, but he will often hold them upsidedown, waiting for the enemy to get in close before giving them a deadly slash, if he has only one knife in hand, he'll hold it behind his empty fist, blocking with it and attacking with the knife, unless he's toying with someone or he's trying to not kill his opponent, in which case he'll reverse this style, punching his opponent and deflecting with his knife. Being ambidextrous, it matters little which hand holds the knife, or any weapon really.

Despite both knives being weighted for throwing, Xen will only do so in times of need, such as an enemy running away as he isn't the best at range with throwing weapons, rarely getting bull'seyes and if he does he'll say it was luck rather than skill, this keeps him being a cqc fighter, and a good one at that, usually able to if nothing else hold his own against more skilled opponents, especially those who haven't developed a battle reflex such as some, but not all, fellow students. His kukri is used against lightly armored foes if he doesn't go for his knives and has been used to kill a few beowolves but he rarely uses it on anything larger than that.

Sylvia, his pride and joy, has a number of styles linked to her, the quickest one is where Xen won't even deploy the blade, he'll simply block attacks and quickly stab with the foot of steel protruding from one side, spinning it in his hands to block and quickly slash, or he'll use it as a club with a spike on the bottom, as it was intended, though he'll often only do this against humans or fast, but smaller monsters as it rather restricts what the weapon's capable of. After deploying the blade, Xen will often hold it at the base of the blade with one hand, pointing the handle towards the enemy with the blade scratching at the sky behind him, clubbing his foe with slashes becoming secondary, though this seems like reducing the range, the design of the weapon allows for quick changing of styles, as it is totally possible to use the sword as a claymore, albeit with a longer grip, or as a staff, nimbly spun to both attack and defend, which Xen is known to do, with both styles giving the weapon a frighteningly large arc in which it can hit enemies. He has been seen launching the blade at an enemy and rarely throwing it, but both have their own risks, launching the blade has no real aiming system and only serves to reduce the usefullness of the overall weapon, while throwing the weapon, though possible, is effectively stripping Xen of the weapon, something he doesn't want to do, but at times has no other choice. Xen has also been known to retract the blade during fights to get around an opponent's guard, only to deploy it again once passed this guard, sometimes even mid-swing, which has won him a few duals.

Squeezing the base of the blade and pulling separates the blade from the rest of the weapon, the blade reveals that it boasts a single handed grip and a folding hilt for blocking, effectively creating two weapons, at this point Xen will divert the weight of the club to be top heavy and therefore better suited to be it's own weapon for crushing. Like his knives, which weapon being in which hand isn't a very big factor, but he tends to prefer having the sword in his left hand and the club in his right. What he's fighting will determine how he uses them, for instance, heavily armored but lightly armed foes will be blocked with the sword and attacked with the club, and vise versa, with Xen making decisions on what situation requires which style. Despite being a crushing weapon, the club isn't the most destructive of it's kind, a fact Xen isn't shy of bringing to light, but paired with the sword against larger monsters, Sylvia has shown an exceptional design in what it's capable of, stabbing those the club is inneffective against and vise-versa.

While fighting in a duel, or in a similar situation, Xen can be seen pulling the blade from the bottom of the sheath on his back and using the sword alone, though this is usually to prove a point or to train depending on the situation. In this situation he can show exceptional dueling tactics, waiting for the right moment before striking and he is capable of deflecting most attacks, within reason.  

This obviously lasts as long as he can think straight, but despite when he gets excited and attacking what his mind perceives as the strongest monster on the battlefield, he'll often be seen still swapping between styles, connecting the two weapons to attack and defend and disconnecting them for quicker strikes, but he still makes a lot of mistakes, such as the times when he gets grabbed because he was busy stabbing a monster in the back. Xen has, in the past, shown to be a very skilled knife fighter, especially against slower opponents, but he also is very good in unarmed combat, able to take the brunt of some attacks with either his aura or, more likely, his weighted hoodie's sleeves and combat gloves, his weight itself allows him to throw a good punch, with his reach even without any weapons giving him an advantage against shorter opponents. His lack of fear in combat even when cool headed is nothing short of remarkable, as he'll do daring and dangerous things with no hesitation, doing what he must to behead an opponent and even defending teammembers with his own body before his focus shifts to attack anything in sight.

Back story

Aaron Vasc grew up in a small village, one relatively close to Signal, he was you're average kid, lazy, but content with life. He became friends with a boy named Sek Kye when the two were in the village's local school, a friendship rather forced on the two in the beginning, as Aaron had beaten up Sek in a schoolyard fight. Aaron's mother, who was a weapon smith at the time, scolded her son and forced him to appologise to the boy, which he did with gritted teeth. Eventually, the boys would move past their differences and realise they had a lot in common, with the exception of a family, Sek's parents were killed by monsters while away from the village and he had been left in the village's orphanage, without even his parents bodies to mourn. The two became inseperable friends soon after, between helping Aaron's mother at the forge, studying or simply goofing off, they'd pretend to be the village protectors, with sticks and stones being used against imaginary monsters, the name of their pretend team was the Silver Shields.

Sek eventually got a crush on a girl, the year before going to Signal academy, whose name was Tyre, he managed to work up the nerve, with Aaron constantly pushing his friend towards the girl, to introduce himself and winning the girl over. The three of them would pretend to protect the village with real weapons, swords, spears and even a few shields, which were spares from Aaron's family forge eventually getting their own swords made, with Tyre getting a spear. Aaron's father, who used to be a combat medic and worked as a surgeon in the local hospital, decided to give Aaron his various notes on medical procedures and taught him how to perform a number of them, leaving the youth to figure the rest out for himself.

Right before the trio went to Signal, the village was attacked by a DeathStalker, which destroyed a number of houses and killed a few guards. The trio, not knowing what they were getting into, fought the large monster with their weapons from the Vasc forge. Tyre was crushed beneath it's large claws, Sek was stung, pinned to the ground at Tyre's side and Aaron was thrown into a burning building, which singed his chest and burned his right hand before he managed to scramble outside. He approached his dying friends, almost every bone in Tyre's body was broken and she weezed through crushed lungs as Sek stroked her hair, Aaron tried to save Sek, but the Stalker's stinger had ripped a hole into the boy's guts, once Tyre stopped breathing, Sek stopped Aaron's efforts. He handed Aaron the sword at his side, and died in front of the youth's eyes. Very angry, Aaron ran to the Stalker, which was busy fighting the village's defenders. The fight didn't last long for Aaron, but he managed to make the sword bite through the Stalker's mask by slashing it's eyes, only to be hit into a wall and knocked out.

He came to the next day hoping that the previous day was just a dream, with Sek's sword broken at his feet, finding out that his friends were actually dead hit him hard, but also finding out his parents were among the dead sent him into a sort of depression. Learning that the DeathStalker wasn't even killed, just driven off only served to worsen this state of mind. The funeral that followed only consisted of Aaron, as Sek had no one to mourn him other than Aaron, who buried him alongside his own parents, which were next to the empty graves that were for Sek's parents, with Tyre's family and friends blaming him for the girl's death and not letting him attend her funeral. Aaron fixed his house himself, which took a few days to just get the materials for, let alone to actually repair, before attending Signal. He payed attention to the teachers and learned quickly, even getting a few crushes put on him by a few girls by his new, strong silent type personality, which was in reality his depression, which made him want to kill monsters, though most people were told to hate him by those who beleived he was responsible for Tyre's death.

A girl noticed this and decided to approach him, introducing herself as Pyque Cutter, the girl had long ginger hair and was well dressed, with sharp green eyes and slightly tanned skin, she became friends with Aaron and managed to get him out of his rut, opening up slightly to those around him. She managed to convince her brother Bren and cousin Izekio to become friends with him. The four of them would do everything together, training, studying and eating, they became a little family of their own. Aaron eventually began getting feelings for Pyque, who saved him from his depression, soon learning that she had similar feelings for him, which caused them to get very close. Reports of monsters were growing over the years, with a DeathStalker being prominent in them, second year Aaron proposed they go kill the DeathStalker, as it may have been the one that attacked the village, but they told him to let the Hunters and Huntresses take care of it, which he tolerated.

As time went on, it seemed like nothing was being done, seeing as everyone had their own weapons but him, with Bren having an armor piercing rifle, Izekio's warhammer and Pyque's black kukri, Aaron offered going to do it themselves, which the other's agreed to if Aaron got himself a weapon before the reports stopped. Taking his time, Aaron created his own schematics for a weapon he called a Spikemore, though he could never get the steel to work right, about to give up on the design, he noticed the weapons his mother had forged for his friends, which had been broken, he decided to reforge Sek's sword, hollow out Tyre's spear and create a simple switch mechanism and combine the two, he managed to do this and called the weapon Silver after the name of the team he used to play with, finishing the weapon in a few months of painstaking and grueling planning and revisions. The weapon was simply a claymore with a switchblade mechanism and nothing more, but it would do the job.

It was at this time, that the reports had in fact not died down, instead they seemed to just add to the attacks. After training with his new weapon for another month straight and at the beginning of third year, he called his friends to go out to kill the Stalker. It took them a while to find the cave, but they eventually did, entering it with some hesitation, Aaron taking up the front with Pyque at his side and the two others behind them.

The Stalker had charged them, causing them to scatter, with Aaron trying to order his friends. Eventually, after pushing Bren out of the way of the Stalker's claw, Aaron was grabbed and almost crushed, giving him the large scars on his stomach and back, Bren managed to shoot the joint of the claw, freeing Aaron, but freeing up Bren to get grabbed himself, not being as lucky as Aaron, he was ripped in half and thrown aside. Aaron joined his remaining friends, but could no longer help significantly, Izekio got crushed in the monster's mandibles and largely ripped apart, with Aaron getting thrown to the ground with a claw, with the Stalker reeling back it's stinger.

Just before he was stung, Pyque sacrificed herself and was spiked with the monster's stinger and thrown to the side, an act that covered Aaron in her blood, getting some in his open mouth. Angry, he jumped up and stabbed the creature in it's eyes, getting him thrown into the cave wall and breaking his weapon's grip. The creautre blindly charged him, which was a foolish thing to do as he grabbed the blade of his weapon and thrust it into the monster's mandibles, which wounded it enough for it to move away from him. This gave him the chance to grab his broken weapon, move to Pyque, who had managed to keep a grip on her kukri, and carry his dying friend out of the cave.

Luckily they weren't followed out, as if they had, Xen may not of made it. He did, however, need to put Pyque down, as she had started to cough up a lot of blood. Before he could do anything, she thrust her black kukri into his hands and kissed him deeply, getting her blood that was in her mouth on Aaron's lips, before saying goodbye and dying. Eventually he managed to make a cairn for her, and began the trek home, which had him passing out every so often from blood loss.

Upon returning, he was regarded with wonder and horror that he was the only one to return, being blamed once again for the death's of his friends, which he agreed with. He planned on killing himself, and bought a tombstone to go along with Pyque's as Bren and Izekio's bodies were never recovered. The night he was going to though, the friends and family of Pyque and Bren set his house on fire and even shot a fireball in his face, which knocked him into the burning building, trapping his arm. He managed to save a number of notes, with the forge out back being away from the blaze.Not thinking he fought with one of the boys, breaking the teen's jaw and getting blood all over his fist, which he licked curiously, the taste of blood reminded him of Pyque. Thus he tried to kill the boy, but his friends managed to save him before they ran away.

Aaron was forced to buy new clothes, making his own liners for the inside and making sure they were fireproof, as well as renting an apartment before returning to school soon after his burns were treated. Upon his return, he realised no one recognised him due to his new clothes and scars, which he decided to take an advantage of by calling himself a relative of himself named Jake, which no one doubted. As time went on, he realised that he had left the minds of everyone, remembering that he hadn't killed himself, leaving an empty grave in a graveyard with his family and friends, Aaron Vasc was dead and gone as even bringing up the name would sometimes not even get a response, as were the thoughts of Sek and Tyre, even the thoughts of Pyque, Bren and Izekio were starting to fade, a fact that scared him, that he had so easily been forgotten, it drove him slightly insane, to the point of simply not caring for his fellow students, coming across as strong but cold.

Eventually, a rise in reports of monsters caused him to realise he wasn't learning anything at Signal and should take things into his own hands, taking a few combat knives he had forged, Pyque's kukri and a book for notes. He studied for days the specs of various monsters before going out to fight them himself, working his way up from smaller monsters to Beowolves and Ursai, soon taking notice that his current weapons weren't going to work on anything bigger than such, as his weapon Silver was still broken. Thus he took many months off of school, using what he learned in the making of Silver to make a superior Spikemore, adding a launcher and detach mechanism and replacing the wooden handle with segmented metal.

Though taking much longer and many more prototypes to get right, he eventually finished the weapon, naming it Sylvia and treating it like a person. He killed a few small monsters with it, taking notes on how they fought and how Sylvia performed, which was better than her prototypes and was perfect for his style, earning a number of new scars in his many battles. Eventually he set his sights on a DeathStalker that was terrorising a nearby town, the same one as per the reports, that he and his friends failed to kill, however before heading to dispatch it, he paid off a few mercs to accompany him. They defeated the large monster with some problems, Xen narrowly dodged it's stinger by the skin on the bridge of his nose, with the mercs distracting it he returned to the fight, which lasted for some time, eventually driving Sylvia home killing the monster just before it's claw slammed into him, which cracked a few of his ribs.

He managed to leave the cave, giving the mercs their money and telling them to leave, only to be attacked by a highwayman, who managed to cut his left bicep with a knife, which made him realise he liked pain, taking the time to focus on his cracked ribs, he dispatched the bandit, laughing while he broke his fingers with the bandit screaming in answer. Eventually he realised he hadn't eaten in some time, and had precious few rations left. He ate well that night, the taste of blood once more giving him memories of Pyque. Eventually he made it to the nearby town, which pointed his bloodstained form to the local hospital. Being asked if he was crazy for attacking a DeathStalker made him wonder the same thing, and made him question why he ate the bandit that attacked him.

Slightly depressed he made his excuses and left as soon as possible, getting home after some time and with effort brushing the looks he got away. As soon as he could he could he saw a Psychologist, who told him he had PTSD, ADD and mild psycosis. The shrink perscribed him a number of medications to take, as Aaron had threatened him when he was "urged" to institutionalise himself. Aaron kept up his guiss of Jake for a few more months when he went back to school, but eventually he stopped telling people who he was, finishing school as a nobody, which made him feel very strange.

Eventually Prof. Ozpin made his way to the village to speak with Aaron, who had continued with his killing of monsters. Ozpin commented that Aaron had some skill, which was a little held back by how he fought, which Aaron agreed with completely. Ozpin noted that a number of monsters that were to be killed by students of Beacon were getting killed by someone who look strikingly like Aaron, who confirmed that it was in fact him. The headmaster commented on Aaron's application to Beacon, which the teen had forgotten about, that may not be accepted as Aaron was witnessed to have a cannibalistic nature, which Aaron understood. Upon asking the youth why he wanted to go to Beacon, the answer of wanting to die a hero's death surprised Ozpin. The headmaster agreed to have Aaron attend, but a few rules had to be followed, such as no eating humans if at all possible and under the pretense that Aaron had to behave himself, which he agreed to quickly. Before leaving for Beacon, Aaron payed his final respects to his friends and family, he even dug up his own empty grave, leaving Silver in a small coffin under the dirt. He thought of a new name for himself, one that no one would be able to pin to him and start from the beginning, soon coming up with Xen Skyne and starting his new life at Beacon.


-Xen's fist name is a mockery of the word zen, which means calm and collected if put simply, and Skyne is made from Sek's name of Sek Kye to honor the first friend Xen ever made.

-The woman Xen is often seen drawing or painting is Pyque, his first love which lasted a few years, though you'd need to be fairly close to him to get him to reveal this.

-Xen's kukri is also a relic of his past, as it is Pyque's, it's named Cutter after Pyque's surname.

-Xen wants to return to his village to see if Pyque's memory has actually survived, along with Bren and Izekio's, but he know's that Sek and Tyre are largly forgotten.

-Xen's shock collar was finished not long after his conversation with Prof. Ozpin, the headmaster of Beacon, and was his answer for needing to stay calm at all times along with his meds.

-Xen, throughout his life, has been the lone survivor of atleast three battles and been the only one left standing in atleast nine, with a number of them being his fault.

-Xen has lost complete control atleast two times, events that he doesn't like to discuss (and aren't written here).

-Xen hopes to one day be able to take on a DeathStalker by himself, as he's only won fights against Stalkers when with multiple people, and even then he got seriously injured.

-If you were to ask Xen what he's killed, he'd only count the DeathStalker that he killed with the mercenaries as anything worth while.

-Xen actually has two student records, one under the name of Xen Skyne and a second under Aaron Vasc, the one listed as Aaron goes into detail of his past with most text on his mental status blacked out while the other goes into the details of his state of mind with most of the major events of his past blacked out. If one was to compare the two however, they'd be able to deduce that they are about the same person though unless one specifically knew about the second file and was looking for it, it'd be hard to learn anything about his past without stumbling across the information while doing some "research" as he doesn't like sharing his past to the point of next to no one knowing Xen isn't actually his real name.

Note: Xen works best with women, he isn't perverted and it takes a lot more than looks to get him to be attracted to someone, as such it would be good if his team had at least one woman on it, it would be even better if she was his partner. If I can get a character who I can look over before that happens that would be much appreiciated.

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