People believe the Grimm are just mindless monsters. I think there's just so much more to them that we don't understand.
Xylia Brunel
Age 17
Nickname Xyla, Grimmgirl
Status Alive
Gender Female
Race Human
Species Human
Handedness Ambidexterous
Complexion Pale
Hair Red, black tips
Eyes White (blind)
Semblance Invisibility
Height 5'7" (1.70m)
Weight 168lb (76.2kg)
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team APEX (X)
Partner Adrian D'ambert
Occupation Student, Researcher of Grimm
Personal Status
Relatives Mother, former Huntress

Father, researcher on Grimm

Additional Info
Likes Studying the Grimm


Making discoveries

Dislikes Killing the Grimm

People who see the Grimm as mindless beasts

Being prejudiced because of her disability

Special Skills Superior vision

Able to detect Grimm from an extended distance

Xylia Feldberg, unlike her teammates, has had a fairly good life. Her family are the leading researchers on the Creatures of Grimm, providing many discoveries as to their uses, behaviour, abilities, and more. The Brunels kept many Creatures of Grimm locked up for study, but because of this, Xylia was alienated by her peers.

One unfortunate night, a burglar broke into her house, inadvertently releasing every Grimm that occupied the area. The family was awoken, and began to fight off the rampaging Grimm. Some were subdued, some were killed, but many had escaped into the nearby forest. During the chaos, the burglar was killed, and Xylia was blinded by a wayward attack, becoming fearful about what would happen to her. Fortunately, Xylia's mother had been working on a mask which would grant vision to those who had been rendered blind. Out of personal choice, Xylia requested that the mask be designed to look like a Grimm's carapace. Her father then enrolled her into Beacon Academy some years later.


Oh, don't mind the mask. If I took it off, I wouldn't be able to see you running away screaming like a lunatic.

Xylia's appearance has been noted to be "terrifying, yet badass." Her hair is blood-red, which descends to black tips. Her most notable feature is the mask she wears, which resembles the bony carapace of a Creature of Grimm, but her mask is not out of personal choice: should she remove it, she would be rendered blind, as a Grimm damaged her eyes when she was a child.

Xylia wears a black cloak with a red pattern not unlike the one on her mask. The cloak is lined with red fur, and is fastened with yellow buttons. She wears white gloves, and white pants, which are lined with black holsters for her weapons. To complete the outfit, she wears red boots with a black fur lining at the top.


Despite her fearsome appearance, Xylia is quite friendly, willing to defend her allies, and maintains a pleasant demeanour in everything she does. People see her as eccentric, scary and bizarre, but Xylia does not mind: as long as her friends focus on what she is on the inside, rather than her appearance, she's happy.

Weapons and Abilities

I look like a freaking Grimm, and people still think that I can't fight back. People are getting stupider every day.

Fangs of the Darkness - A pair of automatic shotguns that can fold down at the handgrip, and sprout curved blades to become bladed tonfas.

Semblance: Typhoportation/Invisibility - By harnessing the power of shadows via Aura, Xylia is able to disappear into smoke and reappear elsewhere after a short time. However, this ability is not foolproof: if her foe is carefully attuned, they will detect her prescence, and leave her open to attack.

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