The world will be better without tyrants--Oops!.
— Yadira, about to finish off her target. To no avail.

Yadira Aswang is the fifth Original Character, inspired by Assassin's Creed and Vampire legends, created by Imthesteve'97. She is an Assassin in training who was sent to Beacon by her masters to actually learn how to properly fight. She is partnered with Dresden Copperfield.

Yadira Kamatayan
Age 17 (Or is she?)
Title Novice, Countess
Alias Lady Yasang
Yadira Aswang
Nickname Yadi
Status Active
Color White
Gender Female
Species Faunus (Bat)
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Height 5'0"
Weight 90 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Dresden Copperfield
Occupation Assassin, Student
Additional Info
Emblem YadiEmblem
Likes Simplicity
Dislikes Failure, Dishonesty
Special Skills Stealth, Assassination, Climbing
Weaknesses Clumsiness, single-minded determination
  is the property of Imthesteve'97
(Ask permission, I'm a nice guy.)


"To many, white is the color of death. And red is the color of life. I like to showcase both."

Physical Description

She seems to appear as a younger girl than most her age. Yadira is very small with a minor amount of muscle to make up for it. Her Faunus blood makes her eyes appear as a red-eyed bat's eyes do and she has pointed ears like one that can be seen over her short, black hair. Interestingly enough, her skin is pale in comparison with others in her southern island region.


Yadira wears a red scarf over a white halfcoat with wide sleeves. She wears a belt on top of it, with pouches that contain her equipment. She wea

In a battle situation, to hide her identity from her enemies, her scarf serves as a hood and face mask.


"Come now, you wouldn't want all that blood to go to waste. Get up and stop bleeding."

Taking combat seriously, but otherwise bubbly, Yadi is silent during an encounter. The only voice she offers up is her lament when she kills a target and suggestions that involves the teams well being.

Yadira has great pride for her heritage and does not take insults to other Faunus lightly. She is very patient and manipulative, using her charm to her advantage. Yadi usually uses her teammates to carry out her, otherwise bloody, revenge; either by Dresden's pranks, Riona's words, or Revan's power in the Arena.

She is very flirtatious, flirting and getting involved with people she finds... suitable comes easily to Yadira.


"I don't think you're getting away. But I'll get away from you."

Her Semblance gives her a sort of sound dampening effect. Things she interacts with makes little to no sound; with the exception of a shattering vase, gunshot, or other exceptionally loud noise.


  • Silent Bite: Disguised under her vambraces is a pair of spring-loaded katars and blowguns. With a certain muscle movement, one of them spring out and into her hands. The blowgun's ammunition is usually comprised of poisoned darts or Dust darts that create clouds of smoke, and are kept in her utility pouches.

Battle Style

"Dust is too flashy and I'm nocturnal. Sneaky-Stabby, I like."

Growing up to be an Assassin for her guild to the southeast, she was trained to kill with deadly efficiency. However, she is prone to clumsiness; tripping over, bumping into things, or missing her target.

Ranged Attacks:

  • Darts: Using Silent Bite's blowgun, she can send deadly agents at short to mid range.

Close-In Attacks:

  • Melee: Using stealth to get in close, Silent Bite's katars can deal major damage due to its width and speed from Yadi.

Special Ability:

  • Soul Sight: Yadira's Aura lets her detect the Auras of other beings around her and helps her pinpoint targets in a crowd. It even lets her see the light or darkness in their souls.
  • Needle in a Haystack, Shadow in Darkness: An illusionistic Semblance that lets her walk in a crowd or shadows, undetected. Only works in sufficient darkness or crowd cover. Other Faunus can detect her in shadows.
  • Bat-Sonar: If blinded by something, or by choice, Yadira's Bat Faunus blood lets her trade average sight for hypersensitive hearing.


"Terrifying. Enough said."

Raised in the southeast islands, to a Count, Lady Yadira Aswang Kamatayan was also born to an Assassin lineage that has been at war with the Children of Grimm for generations. Her childhood was stressful; growing up with two lives as her family did, training to be an assassin, while going about nobility pursuits, and avoiding assassination from her family's enemies.

This stress impeded her abilities. Her constant clumsiness caused her to fail her trials and move on to a higher set of abilities.

Frustrated at this, the Kamatayans decided to buy her way into Beacon to train her in the proper environment.

The Vytal Festival

Excited for the Vytal Festival, Yadira sleeps away the entire daylight just to ensure she can enjoy the whole night...


  • "Yadira" is an Arabic name meaning "worthy, suitable".
  • An Aswang is a Vampire found in Philippine folklore.
  • "Kamatayan" Means "death" in Tagalog.

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