It was a pretty large village from what I know. Hell, my dad never talks about it. You're askin' the wrong person. Try Aki.
— Hisei, regarding his knowledge of Yamato.

It was small to be considered a town and large to be considered a village. Population's mostly okay, but right now? It's fuckin' dead.
— Maki, regarding her knowledge of Yamato.

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Yamato Village refers to the former hometown of Maki Kuronami, Xanadu Kuroha and the original home of Hisei and Aki Tokuhana's parents. It has a population of around 200. It was destroyed when a Grimm siege occurred. It's located somewhere close to the Kingdom of Vale.

Yamato Possible Location

Estimated region where Yamato can be found.


Yamato was founded by Haruna Kuronami, Kurosawa Tokuhana and six other people who were running away from the outskirts of the Western Kingdom, which became overrun with the Grimm, specifically a large winged one.

Initially, they were a caravan who survived by hunting animals in the woods. By day, they would hunt for food. By night, they would be defending their caravan from the Grimm.

Haruna led the Grimm Hunters, and secretly ate the Grimm they killed, beginning the 'downfall' of the Kuronami family.

The caravan would eventually become a village, as Faunus and human refugees found their way there, hearing rumors about a 'safe haven in the woods'.

As it's population grew, the amount of Grimm Hunters began to increase, allowing the village to begin settling down. Eventually, the Kuronami would receive a secondary family branch known as Kuroha.

Decades pass and they began to receive more talented people such as blacksmiths and merchants. By the time Natsuya Kuronami was born, the village is already considered a mini-town.

Generations pass and only the Kuronami family, the Kuroha family and the Tokuhana family remained as among the original founders of Yamato.

The Tokuhana family would eventually leave behind Yamato to live in the prospering kingdom of Vale. Likewise, the Kuroha family's final member, Xanadu Kuroha would leave for Vale to become a Huntress. This leaves behind the Kuronami family, now led by Shizune Kuronami, as the sole founding family lead Yamato.

With that, Maki Kuronami was born. The final descendant of Haruna Kuronami before the village was destroyed by a Grimm attack.


The village has a very western motif... while having their names be 'Japanese' in origin. The village doesn't have a centralized religion, instead having multiple beliefs based on the section of the village.

They have a wide variety of people living there, with almost half being Faunii. Anyone who can't live in equality with the Faunii eventually leaves or is driven out of the village.

Known People Born or has Origins in Yamato


  • Yamato refers to Japan's ancient name and the old name of the area now known today as Sakurai City, in Nara Profecture of Japan.
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