What I lack in finesse, I'll make up for with blanket ruination!
— Shirayuki
This original weapon is created solely by Kimiyosis.

Weapon Status

User: No One

Status: Archived

Manufacturer: GenSec

Weapon Specifications

Name: Miri(Yami no Yari)

Classification: Mid-Long Range Ballistic(MLRB)

Weight(Unloaded): 40 kilograms

Weight(Loaded with 12mm box clip and 1 railgun projectile): 50 kilograms

Length(Quad MG): 1.7 meters

Length(Railgun): 4 meters

Derivative Design: Machinegun, Electromagnetic Railgun

Details: The full name of the Miri is Yami no Yari, and is a two part weapon. The main component is perhaps the most powerful, long range weapon developed. It is an electro magnetic railgun capable of propelling a projectile with a velocity of 680.58 meters per second, or Mach 2. Due to the force of impact however, the user of the railgun is incapable of firing it at a target within two hundred meters. Any closer, and the user is bound to be knocked back by the shockwave, or worst, depending on how short the distance is.  This weapon does have a secondary armament, which allows combat within the two hundred meter range. With the railgun retracted, one is capable of firing the quad 12mm machineguns, and peppering anything that is in the general direction of the barrels. 

One can, in technicality and theory, fire both the railgun and the machineguns simultaneously. However, the repercussion of doing so, will cause heavy damage to occur on it. The heat generated from the guns combined, is enough to cause over heating problems. Combine this with the stress that is put on the weapon, as one fires the railguns, will tend apart the heat-weakened structure of the Miri. Generally, gun jamming start occurring after two minutes of 'alpha-striking', the rails start becoming bent out of alignment within five minutes. The weapon has never been alpha strikes longer than so, for who will fire a railgun without the rails propelling the projectile?

Appearance wise, the Miri is colored gun metal grey, and has a muzzle length of 1 meter, with the quad machine guns running on the corners of the main body of the weapon. Main body is a rectangular looking box, of 50 centimeter in length, and 15 centimeter in width and height. The stock located at the back extends 20 centimeters. The stand is to the front of the main body, and is a retractable tripod on an omnidirectional axis joint, allowing one to turn the weapon on the spot. The box clip is loaded at the bottom of the main body, just behind the tripod. The top of the main structure is actually a durable touch screen, with a topography map of the area within a five mile radius. This is how the railgun is aimed. By calculating the point of origin, and the destination of the projectile, along with the speed of the projectile, one can figure out the angle required to fire. Generally the map is only used in conjunction with a spotter.

The muzzle, stand, and stock changes drastically, as it switches over to the railgun. The muzzle extends out by two meters, totaling the muzzle length at three meters. The muzzle splits into four prongs, one on the top, one on the bottom, and one to either side, with the magnets lighting up a dull blue along the center of the prongs that would face the projectile. The tripod is closed, into a single, heavy duty pole. The stock extends out half a meter, and split into two prongs. Both prongs connect to a singular vertical joint. This allows the angling of the railgun, using the tripod turned pole as the fulcrum, and the stock as the point of force.

The downside of such terrifying firepower, is that the entire weapon weighs a hefty 40 kilograms. The projectiles of the railgun weighs five kilograms each, and one box clip of 12mm rounds is also 5 kilograms. Thereby limiting the number of rounds one can carry into battle at a time.


-The translation of "Yami no Yari" is "Spear of Darkness".

-The real world version of the railgun is, as a matter of fact, much more larger, and far more powerful. The Miri has a velocity of Mach 2, while the experimental real world version has a velocity of Mach 7!

-The quad machinegun is partially base off the M45 Multiple Gun, nicknamed "Meatchopper". Originally designed as an anti-aircraft vehicle, the turret is capable of pointing at ground infantry, and literally shredding them with the high rate of fire.

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