The darkness exists only to be filled anew.
Yara Aeriver is created by and belongs to Reimaru Natsukaze.
Yara Aeriver
Age 17
Alias Silencer
Status Active
Color Blue
Gender Female
Species Human
Born September 23rd
Handedness Fully ambidextrous
Complexion Light Tan
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Semblance Prison
Height 5'8"
Weight 113 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Teammates
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Mother, Father
Additional Info
Likes Pranks

Guns and weaponry

Special Skills Natural singing talent

Fluency in sign language and Braille


Yara's tiny figure sports a


Like Weiss, Yara was the heir to a previously large company called Aeriver Industries, who made business out of designing, patenting, and mass-producing weapons for personal use. Aeriver Industries was relatively better off among its competitors, though not in the highest tiers of socio-economic scales.

Yara was a well-mannered and quiet girl. At the same time, she possessed multiple talents that brought her parents great pride.


Yara's weapons of choice, Maelstrom Sliver, are Dual Solenoid Railgun Cannons (DSRC). The firearms take the form of two rather large revolvers

Combat Style

In combat, Yara can easily take opponents by surprise with the help of her semblance.

When operating within her team, her usual role is close-range support. In other words, she's an assassin, which works particularly well with her semblance, mentioned later in this section. However, when setting up an ambush, with the help of her communications, she sometimes acts as leader, as she is used to espionage.


Yara's semblance takes the form of a spherical vacuum shell thick enough to effectively create an isolated environment, like a thermos. The vacuum occurs 1.8 meters away from Yara's center-of-mass (forming a gaseous sphere 3.6 meters in diameter), always moving with Yara, and is currently strong enough to only repel gaseous substances away, albeit without requiring some form of concentration. In some cases, it is possible to repel liquids and solids, but the former already requires a significant amount of concentration from Yara; enough to disable her from combat. The latter can happen in times of extreme stress, where adrenaline levels can boost the strength of her Semblance.

The semblance first displayed its effects when Yara was 8, and then fully formed a year later. It posed some serious problems for Yara's livelihood, namely oxygen and heat levels. To counteract this, through a combination of charity and his own resources, her father created a relatively light contraption using many forms of Dust and a laser-based technology of CO2 to O2 conversion.

While she was highly discouraged from the role due to the dangers of her Semblance, her introduction to Huntress activities has lead to efforts to protect what was literally her life. Currently, the contraption is protected by bulletproof material reinforced with a dense steel cage.

While it is inconvenient to Yara, the Semblance also does hold a number of advantages, most prominently the ability to effectively muffle sound. Maelstrom Sliver's blasts often come with high decibel levels, which is nullified by Yara's Semblance. She also combines the effects of Dust-induced fog to conceal her position to adversaries.

Another element of the Semblance is its ability to enable the user to walk through certain hazardous environments unscathed. Yara can pass through hazardous gases without any negative consequence to herself.


Yara, typically, is a lively girl with a quirky personality. Although her Semblance is quite bothersome in many ways, she seemingly busts through all of her barriers with gusto. Her sign language simply looks like rapid gesturing to most except those who are fluent in it.

Those around her are put off by the amount of machinery she walks around with everyday, as well as the amount of favoritism she receives. Some are even envious of her perceived manipulation. Yara is aware of this, and it does gnaw away at her, despite her cheery disposition.

She often plays pranks on Grayson as a sort of "payment", as she calls it, for her services in organizing strategies to use as a team. While she used to do it on Red, her team leader proved to be more fruitful in his angry reactions. She also pranks for a sort of release to her other side, as a venting for her troubles.

She can be quite tempestuous, rivaling Grayson in his frustration. However, while he expresses his troubles silently, Yara often confides in Red as a close friend.

She has expressed a desire to become more independent. Despite how she uses her Semblance, she wishes to be rid of it due to its massive influence on her life, both physiologically and emotionally. She also feels that she's depending on Red a lot


  • Now that I think of it, I did take a lot of inspiration from Shizune from the visual novel "Katawa Shoujo."

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