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Concept Yaro Tide

Yaro Tide is a friendly, well behaved student who is well liked by his peers. He is the only member of JAYD who was not chosen to be in it by headmaster Ozpin. He is there because they needed a fourth person, and he volunteered for the role. Also unlike JAYD's other members, he does not appear to have any major problems... or does he?

He alludes to "Little Boy Blue" He is also the third one to be part of J.A.Y.D

[[File:Color: Blue

Character: Little boy blue

Job: Second in command and Tank Being the optismistic one of the group Yaro is a great second in commend due to his good plans. HE is also the bigger and stronger one of the group and is the tank,but stays close to Aster to protect her from any attackers.|210px|]]

Name Yaro
Alias Blueberry (Heart)

Pretty Boy (Aster) Dweeb, Claude, Bimbo ( Dia)

Symbol Unknown
Color Electric Blue

Gender Male
Race Human
Age 17
Date of Birth November 24th
Hair Color Teal Blue
Eye Color Indigo
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Outfit I mix of fantasy preppy boyishness
Accessories A scorf
Weapon Great Sword
Semblance Ocean

Professional Status
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Student
Partner(s) Aster, Jade, and Dia

Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Mother, and Father (both unnamed)
Hobbies Reading, Playing Horror Games, and Sleeping
Likes Puns, Jokes, Video Games, and Making people happy
Dislikes Rude People, Heart, No justice
Music Theme Ocean Eyes


Yaro is a tall, healthy boy with average proportions. He has average-light skin, curly aqua blue hair, and dark blue almost indigo eyes. He wears an ice blue scarf with black beads dangling from the edges, and a black leather jacket with a large indigo zipper and white armored shoulders and ice blue beads dangling from the bottom. He wears an indigo beaded belt with black beads. On both his belt and his scarf, he has his emblem: a white circle with an ice-blue box and Aquarius symbol. His pant are dark grey, and tucked into black boots with ice-blue rims and indigo zippers. His gloves are black leather with ice-blue armored rings.


Yaro is the youngest of three brothers. He grew up in a happy, halmark-card type family, and had a great child hood with his best friend, Venus Lovegood by his side. He spent his days playing games like hide-and-seek with Venus in the local forest.

One day, however, when Yaro went to the woods to play with his friend, she wasn't there waiting for him. He spent the entire day calling her name and searching for her, but did not find her until it was almost sundown...or at least, he found what was left of her. Venus and some other human children had been murdered and placed in the woods along with a large, crudely made sign reading;

"The so-called master race."

It was discovered that the children had been targeted by a pro-fauna extremist group, although the people, or person, responsible was never found. Yaro decided to be a hunter in order to be strong enough to protect those he loves. Despite the events that occurred in his childhood, he cares nothing for things like races and politics, and often appears to be unable to tell the difference between humans and fauna. He goes through his days laughing and smiling, but can't seem to shake the memory of finding his best friend's dead body out of his mind.

He has secretly vowed to never allow it to happen again.

I can still see it...clearly...I wish I could stop being so angry...that I could let go of this hate...But I can't ...why?

- Yaro Tide


Yaro is cheerful, and overall goofy. He enjoys clowning around simply for the purpose of making others laugh, but is careful to not break any rules in the process. Yaro respects authority, and values friendship highly. He is noble, and chivalrous, respecting others despite whether or not they deserve it. Yaro appears to have a crush on Aster (which may be why he volunteered to join JAYD in the first place). He acts as an older brother figure for both Dia and Jade.

Talents/ Skills

Yaro lacks flexibility and agility, but makes up for it with physical strength. He prefers fighting to be up close and personal, but has a strict code of honor that he follows when he fights. For instance; he never sneak-attacks, or attacks from behind. He's known to use water-dust to give him an edge during a fight.

Weapon: A trumpet named Ocean Squire, it can blast enemies directly in front of it great distances. (dragon born shouting?) Ocean Squire is also capable of reforming into a long, but slender blade with a long hilt. However, when not being used in combat, it goes back to it's default trumpet form, leading to much questioning from others. Example:

"Dude, do you really think you can slay monsters with that? What are you planning to do, make them dance to death?"

-Yaro's answer "Yes"

Semblance- Ocean

Yaro's semblance allows him to manipulate sound waves. This added to his weapon "Ocean Squire" can make an abrupt sound pulse that could knock down a city (if her wanted to).


Battle Song: Ocean Eyes

His SONG: Eye on It (Toby Mac)


Jade: Yaro utterly loves Jade as a sister, and often teases her in a like a brotherly fashion. He doesn't like to see her cry, and is very protective of her, as he is with all members of JAYD...although for different reasons.

Aster: It is impossible for Yaro to hate Aster. So although he tends to bother her a lot, it's mainly excuse he finds her anger and embarrassment adorable, and feels that it is worth the unenviable beating just to see her blush. From the first time Yaro layed eyes on Aster, he has felt that she is special. Since then, she has become a very important person in Yaro's life, to the point of which Yaro often claims that their meeting was "love at first sight". However, he get's beaten every time he says so.

Dia: Yaro believes that Dia needs a big brother figure, since her own brother always pushes her away and doesn't seem to care for her. So Yaro has taken it upon himself to be a better brother then Heart could ever be, even though Dia doesn't quite trust him.

H.D.L.M: Yaro hates Heart with a passion. Since it was Heart who led the group of extremists who killed his best friend all those years ago. A subject Heart uses to taunt Yaro with constantly.

Denton... 's presence annoys Yaro, since Denten creeps out his fellow JAYD members.
Missy and  Lock are both people of whom Yaro pays no mind to.

Venus: Yaro cared for Venus who was his best, and only friend outside of his family when he was little. They loved to play games in the forest near Yaro's home, (a small town located between a forest, and cliffs by the sea) and were very much so like brother and sister. Venus was quiet, and shy, while Yaro was the opposite. However they both enjoyed to sharing stories and playing around. But Yaro would often get Venus in trouble due to his adventurist personality.

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