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Yin Long





Flint's Tricks


MaleIcon Male




Ambidexterous, Prefers Right


Light brown


1.70 metres


62 kg

Hair Color

Navy Blue (Dyed)

Eye Color




Professional Status

Beacon Academy




Lancot Troyes

Personal Status


Yin 'Silver' Long is a member and leader of Team SALT at Beacon Academy. A boy who has a fascination with pirates and adventure, Yin proclaims himself to be one and tries to back up his claim by dressing up as one, acting like one and fighting just like one, using his Multi-Purpose Bladed Flintlock (MPBF) named Flint's Tricks and his Sealegs Semblance. He is however never taken seriously and is referred to as a cosplayer by his team, much to his chagrin.


Yin Long is average in height and has a lean frame with honed muscles, gained from years as a dinghy-sailor. Gaunt and topped by a navy blue mop of hair bumbled into a ball behind his hair, his face is tanned and rough, with a little under-bite that makes his grin look very cocky.

To reflect his love of pirates and sailing the world to those around him, Yin Long is wearing the garb of a ship captain: a navy-blue coat over a white leather vest, with his emblem on the back, and black breeches over knee-high boots. Over his head and so big that it seems to swallow him is a tricorn hat, embroidered with a border of clashing cutlasses.


Yin Long is a wannabe pirate, or at least a wannabe sea explorer. An avid thrill-seeker that finds purpose in adventure and the journey to discovery, he is perhaps one of the more self-assured Beacon students with a strong notion of his desired future. Curious and highly excitable, he is the type of person who drags everyone around him into new territories with his high tempo and energy. Every so often he tries to mimic pirate slur, acting very much like a pun-master with varying results, though it just annoys everyone around him. To further contribute to his pirate image, his actions are done with a lot of playful flair and he loves taunting his opponents through both verbal and physical means.

As Team SALT's leader, he leads very much from the front and, seeing himself as the captain of this ship, sits down with each member to talk out any issues in the team, being much more serious and reserved compared to his normal jokey self. Socially apt and an atmosphere reader, he is typically one of the first people to figure out when something wrong is being left unsaid or invisible. In contrast to many people with issues that bottle up, he is quick to confide in those he trust when he himself has problems and keeps few secrets from his team. With no dark past, Yin Long is ultimately just a honest, friendly man with a serious fascination in the unknown depths of Remnant.


Yin Long uses the Multi-Purpose Bladed Flintlock Azul Flint, which is essentially two blue-lacquered flintlock pistols with intricately decorated barrels, painted with golden signs. On the top of each of these pistols are a long single-edged blade of a straight cutlass, each as long as Yin's lower arm, aligned parallel to the pistol. In this form, the pistols are mainly used as ranged weapons, shooting condensed blasts of blue-coloured Aura from Silver that are more powerful than Lie Ren's submachine gun shots, though they shoot at a much slower rate due to the mimicry of single-shot flintlocks.

By pushing up the hammer of the pistol, Yin prompts most of the gun barrel to bend downwards, while pulling up the blades so that they are fully upright. The bent barrel of the pistol slightly opens up to give a basket hilt guard around Yin's hand as he now uses the dual cutlass form of Azul Flint. Despite being bent into two different angles, the pistol has a second hidden barrel that is on the front of the cutlass' hilt. This allows Yin to fire out a smaller but still damaging shot at his opponents in the middle of melee attacks. To make things worse, the bent barrel of the pistol still works, with it now pointing downwards, meaning Yin can shoot also from that barrel and usually does it when he brings his blade back to attack. Finally, Yin can push up the pistol hammer even more to fire out the cutlass blade out at his opponents in a last resort attack.


Character Attributes
Strength: D - C Aura: C
Defense: E Agility: D - B
Endurance: D Technique: D+
Intelligence: B Leadership: B
Experience: D Semblance: D


Yin Long's Aura, while invisible, can smell like the sea breeze up-close. It enhances his strength and speed to decent levels while neglecting his defense, making him a glass cannon in a fight.

Yin Long's Semblance is known as "Body Enhancement - Sealegs" and like Ruby's, it allows him to move extremely quickly, but only reaches its full potential when he is on or in any liquid, with his speed and strength increasing the more he is drenched, making him a powerhouse when swimming in water. His secondary ability is the ability to alter water surface tension. He is even able to induce so much surface tension below his feet that he can walk on water, only falling through when he wills to, while others cannot break the affected water surface without great force. He is especially powerful in the rain, since he can jump off the individual rain drops, allowing him to 'fly' through the air so long as his feet are moving.

He lacks Dust talent and in turn a Style, but can combine Dust with his Semblance to leave trails of elemental effects behind him, increasing in power as he speeds up, as well as strengthening his kicks.

Fighting Style

Yin rarely fires his two guns at the same time, instead using them one after the other, meaning the gap of time where he cannot shoot is very small. However, the constant shifting of attention from one hand to the other means that his accuracy is not focused, making him a hilariously horrible shot at long ranges. Another way Yin uses the pistol form is to hold the gun upside-down, effectively using the blades to turn the pistols to tonfas. With his pinkies in the trigger, Yin can still fire the tonfas as he fights, not only increasing the power of his spins and thrusts, but giving him a ranged option at the same time, though his already terrible accuracy goes even more down-hill. He mainly uses this style as a defensive strategy. When using the dual cutlass mode, Yin can effectively attack with both of them at the same time but he prefers his right hand for his direct attacks, usually using his left cutlass to only parry, feint and to use his weapon's tricks, though he is not above switching it around to bait his opponents.


  • Yin is Chinese for Silver and with the resultant 'Silver Long', you can see that he is obviously named after Long John Silver, the primary antagonist in the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. In its entirety, Yin Long also means 'Silver Dragon', a counterpart to Yang's 'Little Sun Dragon'.
  • Azul Flint is a reference to Captain Flint, who was the captain of Long John Silver in the same novel.


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