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You think you're strong? Eh! Wow, and I haven't even used Trompe L'oeil de Reves yet.
— Yuki in a fight
Oi! I wish for all your dreams to come true. Just remember that nightmares are dreams too
— Yuki's favorite threat

Yuki Hiiro Izumi
Age 17
Nickname Burrito, Hiiro no Kenshi (Scarlet Swordsman)
Status Active
Color Scarlet
Gender Female
Species Faunus (Wolf)
Handedness Left-handed
Complexion Pale
Hair Creamy blonde with red,blue and brown streaks
Eyes Crimson red
Semblance Trompe L'oeil de Reves
Height 5'3"
Weight 116 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team N/A
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Burritos,tacos,sweets,action,video games, rabbit hunting
Dislikes The White Fang,vegetables,loud noises,water

Yuki Hiiro Izumi is a creation of Yuki Burrito Izumi and Clocktower_Echos



Yuki is a slender girl of average height and is a faunus. She has a fair complexion with creamy blonde hair, a long cut on her right cheek and blood red eyes, one of which is covered by an eyepatch as it bears the scar of an encounter with a Beowolf. Her faunus ears protrude from the top of her head, forcing Yuki to cut holes in her favorite hat whenever she wears it or else her ears get really hot and sweaty. The necklace she wears is a charm from her younger sister.

She wears an open scarlet bridge coat over a white shirt that goes to her thighs and a belt sash that holds her weapon when its in its compacted mode. Her emblem is shown on the back of her jacket. She also wears crimson colored pants along with brown combat boots.


Yuki is a very cheerful and straightforward person.She has a habit of saying "Oi" and "Eh?" before almost all of her sentences. Yuki has a habit of twitching,which she claims that she never does.

She also has a mischievous side and a cocky attitude at times. She uses her semblance to prank other people by creating illusions of their fears or wildest dreams; which often ends up with her getting revenge-pranked. She has small love of threatening people in a fight even if they don't work and is occasionally head-strong.


Yuki grew up in a normal house with her parents.She and her mother was tired of getting comments like "You're raising a monster" from people passing by them as Yuki had habit of being the local devil-in-disguise with her toy sword she found by the street one day. Despite all the snearing looks and taunts that were thrown at her, her mother told her that she would go on to do great things and that Yuki was always her "little Scarlet Swordsman". However, Yuki's mother died when she was 6, giving birth to her sister, Aiko.

At the age of 10,she started to wander around in the forest everyday.After a few months of wandering around in the forest,she was attacked by a beowolf that almost clawed her eye out and cut her cheek, leaving a scarred eye that she would cover with an eyepatch along side a permanent scar on her right cheek. Luckily her father heard his daughter's screams and ran to the rescue, his gun in hand. He killed it after several shotgun blasts but not before it took off his arm. Yuki, no knowing first aid of any sorts, was forced to watch her dad bleed to death in the forest, listening as her bloodied father told her that he loved her more than anything with his dying breath and told her to go as far away from their house as she could, knowing it would only bring Yuki sadness and anger.Yuki vowed that she would become a huntress and started living her life in the streets of Vale with her sister.

Yuki spent the rest of her childhood in the streets digging in the trash for food, begging for money, being overprotective of her sister and braving those who had an unfounded hatred against faunus and targeted her for whatever. She quickly learned how to fight in order to survive the harshness of the dark streets of a midnight Vale, using a heavy length of metal pipe as her weapon and having. Running was also a crucial skill that she had learned, running and jumping over cars on a freeway while trying to escape angry mobsters and vaulting over rooftops and AC units trying to out run police officers, of which never so much got a glimpse of her face.

Two years later, and Yuki went to apply at Refuge Academy to start her career and asked a family of faunus to take care of her sister while she was gone. Not to her surprise, she passed with flying colors as she guessed not many other students had to run from police officers and fight druggies.

While attending Refuge, she had a dream of herself fighting an army of Beowolves with a long, sleek, red sword. Admiring how it looked, she forged a modified version of a weapon that she had seen the dream version of herself use in calling it "Burekadorimu" after what it was called in her dream, "Breaker".

After performing as one of the top students in her class and earning the nickname of "Hiiro no Kenshi", she realized that her mother was right, she was to become something great. She trained hard at Refuge until she went on to Beacon to become the "Scarlet Swordsman" her mother called her and making her father proud that one day, no child, human or faunus, would have to see their parent die in front of them.


Primary Weapon Type:

Supporting Element Combat Blade a.k.a. "Gemoun" Blades

Primary Weapon Name:


Description (Basic)

A huge crimson long sword with fur grey detailing that can transform into into a assault rifle.

Description (Long Sword Mode)

A crimson-and-fur grey long sword that stands at five feet (its a really big sword), but can fold down to a shorter sword. Its a single edged sword whose cutting power comes from its shear size. Yuki also uses as "wand" for combat-oriented illusions like creating mirror images of herself or making the ground "collapse".

Description (Assault Rifle Mode)

A Howa Type 89-styled gun with an attached bayonet blade and scope. It uses 7.62x51mm armor piercing bullet, but can also use Dust rounds. Yuki mainly uses Ice and Shock type dust rounds with it. It can also retain some of its sword abilities if Yuki so desires as it can fire as an assault rifle while a shortened sword mode but can only fire at semi-automatic.


Semblance Name

Trompe L'oeil de Reves

Semblance Description

Trompe L'oeil de Reves allows Yuki to create breathtakingly real illusions that almost everyone can fall for and is also based on her Aura at the time of usage. The stronger her Aura, the longer she can keep the illusion up.Trompe L'oeil de Reves creates illusions that look the same to everyone. Depending on the size, complexity and level of detail, it can cause her to become dizzy and winded or nauseous and dead tired if she uses it too much.

Yuki Izumi's Stats :

Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


Her only living relative is her sister Aiko who is currently living with another faunus family. Due to her training and school work, Yuki often has little time to talk with her sister. The last she heard from her, Aiko told her that she too would become a huntress and also sent her a necklace.


  • All of her weapons and semblance are based on either dreams or illusions
  • Her middle name, Hiiro, means "Scarlet" in Japanese, which is also her color.
  • "Trompe L'oeil" is an art style that's ment to trick the eye into seeing painted details in a painting as 3D.
    • ​"de Reves" means "of dreams" in French so her semblance could be thought of meaning "Illusion of Dreams".
  • ​Her sword's name, "Burekadorimu", means "Dream Breaker" in Japanese.
    • Its design was based on Ryoku Matoi's sword from Kill La Kill.
  • The Howa Type-89 (the real life gun her Burekadorimu's assualt rifle form is based on) uses 5.56x45mm rounds. Its predessor, the Howa Type-64, uses 7.62x55mm rounds that she uses.
  • Her internet alias is "Burrito_Dreams"

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