If anything goes wrong, I'll be very upset...

Why? Because I planned all of it!

— Yulon to Bel, about a business meeting

Yulon Xueshan
Age 18
Title "Jade Princess"
Nickname Teased as "Yu," "You," and "Yolo" (by Amy)
Status Active
Color Jade (Yu)
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Dark
Semblance Aviation
Height 5' 3.5"
Weight 110 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Occupation Student
Jobs One of the top managers of the Jade Distribution Co.
Personal Status
Relatives Father (50s), Mother (50s), Younger Sister (Hisui, 12)
Additional Info
Emblem Crystalization
Likes Economics, being a boss, mirrors, oriental objects and clothes, silver
Dislikes Anything that isn't perfect, small rooms, social events unrelated to business

YuLong XueShan (modernized to Yulon Xueshan, pronounced "You-lahn Schweh-shahn") is the eldest daughter of the owners of the Jade Distribution Corporation (described in backstory) and has applied to Beacon to become a Huntress after receiving several years' worth of tutoring in self-defense. She is the second member of Team SYRA, and is a strategist that fights with metal fans and daggers.


  • General Looks

Overall, Yulon has a rather weak appearance due to her pale skin, slim figure, and graceful poise. She wears her back-long black hair in a bun except for when she sleeps or attends a formal event (for which having her hair down would compliment her chosen dress). Her glasses, which are designed to not need thick, visible hinges and temples, are also worn with the same frequency. (She is somewhat nearsighted without them.)

It has also been noted that Yulon always has a fan on hand, whether it's her weapons or a decorative wood fan; she doesn't claim to have an affinity for them, so perhaps they are just to advertise her family's business, which has an emblem that appears like a fan.

  • Huntress Attire ("White Quetzal")

Model version of Yulon based off of the template provided in the Velvet design contest.

As a manager of a business, Yulon typically wears formal attire and dresses. Even her white, Victorian-patterned “battle skirt” is designed to be one of those types of clothes, all she would have to do is remove the gradient-based jacket, and she would be ready for a corporate meeting. Still, the green garment, which has long sleeves and a coattail, all with handmade knot designs on the ends, is designed to be lightweight and somewhat fashionable. The coat can be joined at the waist with a coil, which has several large white-to-blue feathers attached to it. The back holds a silver pouch that can hold additional daggers for the fans as well as pockets for the fans. Her company symbol and emblem is also printed in the back in a darker jade color.

Yulon’s silver boots are specially designed with both aesthetics and fall-damage in mind; for the latter, the large heels prove useful in close combat. The rim on each is decorated with smaller feathers and a jade pendant. It is noticeable that Yulon wears more jewelry than the average Huntress. Her medium-sized earrings contain turquoise and silver, while the two tear-shaped bead bracelets is comprised of jade and ivory. The pins used to hold her hair together is ordinary metal with green plates at the ends.

  • School Attire

She wears the average uniform (jacket, shirt, corset, shoes) provided by Beacon; however, she replaced the thin red ribbon with a thicker, shorter version and also wears black tights. The pins in her hair are replaced with average silver pins with no special ends. She also wears her jade and ivory bracelets, but may choose to only wear one on her right hand at times.

  • Nightwear

Since Yulon prefers to look "presentable" no matter the situation, her pajamas often have a floral or flowy pattern on them. She may wear a nightgown with similar patterns, but as long as she doesn't look sloppy, she's satisfied. Her hair is also let down from its bun, but her bracelets may remain on her wrists during this time.

  • Voice Quality

Yulon's voice is soft and has a distinct accent, yet her speech is clear, despite her lack of exaggeration in words and tone.


Team syra yu jade by bloodyrosalia-d6w5fo5

Original Concept Art

As the most privileged of the members of Team SYRA, Yulon is expected to carry a calm and mannered composure wherever she goes. She is rather confident of her business skills, having both the dedication and precision in her self-assigned role in her family’s company. Others would describe her as far more like a businesswoman than a princess, simply because Yulon holds her ethics of modesty at a high bar, even for a teenager. Even so, her perfectionist side may be deemed as bossy and stubborn, which is a worry amongst the employees.

Without much of a care of partnerships any deeper than a business transaction, Yulon has never truly trusted others and has remained living as independently as she could, perhaps to please her father, an ardent supporter of self-sufficiency. In her own world, she has become sheltered and seemingly cold to those outside her sphere of life. Her strictness and self-reliance aids in her pursuit of academics, but has made her paranoid and cynical as a person. Yulon, unbeknownst to her, has a tendency to judge people before properly knowing them, especially those who aren’t in her field of work.

Despite her callous nature towards these outsiders, she is rather sensitive; it has been theorized that her criticism of others is only out of worry for their well-being. Close friends who are considered as precious as Yulon’s younger sister, may find evidence of this uptight character being, deep-down, a worrywart.

In terms of being a Huntress, Yulon is against being in more places than she has to be; the only reason she feels that she needs to enroll is to better serve her company, especially with the rising threats. She is disdain towards the idea that her parents want her to make friends-- she would rather believe that attending combat school is for her protection. In battle, she is particularly ruthless and would not hesitate to put down any enemy. Even in social terms, once you cross her, you’re a goner.

Although she can cope with setbacks, Yulon is known to be a perfectionist and will not compromise for results that are not above standards. That, and being a workaholic, are her most obvious characteristics.


Jade Empresses Sketch

Quick Sketch of the many forms of the Jade Empresses

The weapon Yulon designed is named “Jade Empresses,” which are categorized as ADVT (Avulsing Dual Vane Tessens), used to describe the fans' role in her mobility. The semi-circle fans include 9 daggers each, with the center blade much larger than the others. Yulon prefers to include a paralyzing poison on the blades, which is specialized to maim Grimm.

The fans can be held three different ways: first being the traditional way to hold a fan, which allows quick swiping motions as well as propelling motions while in the air. The second is simply holding closed fans, at which Yulon can pocket the weapons or stab with them.

The third, and most unique, is by holding the handle of the main blade in the fan: usually after the other 8 blades of a fan are dispensed, Yulon may choose to release the large dagger, which has a metallic string that connects to the handle of the fan. (Of course, she may simply hold the fans and sling the main blades around.) Once she holds the handles of these larger knives, she can then sling the fans, which have sharp ends as well.

The only backside to this form is that the fans may close if thrown in certain ways-- with that, she would be flinging around a whip of sorts. The large daggers can be returned into the fans manually rather easily, but the metal strings will stay exposed for the rest of the battle, which is why this is a last resort Yulon will remain using til the end of the fight.

The metal fans may also act as shields for projectiles, they can form a complete circle if oriented properly, or Yulon can simply use one fan to deflect an attack while striking with the other fan. If at any point her fans are absent (from either a boomerang throw or actually losing them) then she may rely on her martial arts to get by.

Yulon sometimes misplaces her fans, especially when a battle occurs overseas, and thus has a connection to a weapon manufacturer who can reproduce both the fans and replacement daggers. She also has not yet incorporated dust into her weapon--whether it's an issue of showing bias to a certain dust company or simply her stubbornness, remains uncertain.
Yulon in uniform (cropped from "they're ready")

Yulon's uniform is slightly modified in that the red ribbon is thicker and that she is wearing tights. This picture is a cropped section of the "They're ready..." group picture that featured Ragla.

If it comes down to her being weaponless, Yulon may decide to use the pins in her hair as a stabbing utensil. However, hand-to-hand would always be her melee option.

Abilities and Stats

Yulon has no direct attack with her semblance of lightweightedness, which she calls “Aviation.” The semblance allows her to be lightweight, but appears more like an anti-gravity semblance. The effects combined with her weapons allows Yulon to maneuver/glide in midair with more control, without the need of constantly jumping off surfaces, which she will do occasionally in order to gain momentum and speed.

Also, with higher jumps and longer fall distances, she is capable of dealing damage from above. Her ease with flips and spins makes for increased speed while in the sky. She often glides with a steady descending pace; if she tries otherwise, her strength will be used up faster-- staying airborne without downward movement is extremely difficult and draining.

Quick Stats (max is 5)
Aura 4 Skilled. Yulon has to rely on aura to last in melee.
Strength 1 Poor. Her basic attacks, without the edges of her weapon, are rather weak, which is why she needs to hit in succession. She can at least support her own weight.
Defense 2 Below Par. Yulon cannot take much damage due to her physique. It's imperative that she deflects and dodges attacks.
Speed 4 Skilled. Being lightweight, her manuverability on the ground is slightly faster than average.
Stealth 3 Average. Yulon sometimes grows impatient or walks too loudly.
Experience 3 Average. With the help of her tutors and practice at work, Yulon's skills can easily reach the levels of the other students.
Knowledge 5 Exceptional. Being the most studious of her team as well as the most versed in technology, Yulon make a formidable rival in terms of strategy and academia.
Charisma 3 Average. Yulon sees it natural to not abandon her teammates, as it will reflect on her reputation.

Detailed statistics can be found on the Team SYRA: Statistics page.

All in all, Yulon has a flexible fighting style, however her attacks in general are weak. She must rely on avoiding and deflecting enemy attacks in order to be victorious-- sustaining too many strong attacks in succession would tire her. Being dragged down and kept from high places will also bring her disadvantages.


The Family Business

The Xueshans own the Jade Distribution Corporation, which is specialized in delivery and packaging as well as transportation vehicles...but overall with heavy emphasis on air-shipping. Their company isn’t as well-known as the Schnee, however they work on a similar global scale as well as in partnership with dust refiners and weapons manufacturers (including the Schnee, which has worked closely enough to gain branding rights to the vehicles). Their business statement is the following: “All businesses are the body, and we, the Jade Distribution Corporation, are the vessels that transport the necessities, if not the lifeblood, of civilizations throughout the world. With this responsibility, we maintain our motto, 'To fly with wings of today towards a perfect tomorrow.'"
No one can stop them

The group picture features Yulon and was a birthday gift for the person behind her character. The image shows the 4 girls in their dresses for the school's formal dance event.

Like other globally-spread companies, the JDC has been suspected of having illegal labor systems and helping other corrupted businesses (though Yulon at present believes these rumors as false; she will admit to having Faunus employees, but will deny allegations of abuse). Currently as a partner of the Schnee and other companies with history of prejudice against the Faunus race, the JDC is facing attacks by the White Fang.

Early Childhood

Yulon was first of two girls for the owners; although the company headquarters is said to be in Atlas, the elder daughter was born on an airship headed to Vale. Yulon grew up almost living and breathing her family’s business, accompanying her father as she much as she could. Meanwhile her younger sister, Hisui, had a constitution too poor to travel constantly, which is what employees and managers of the company are expected to do. The mother has also been undergoing constant medication for a terminal illness, making the older daughter the only female representative of the family in the company’s administration. For the short while that Hisui and the mother were able to travel with her, Yulon has grown to believe that her family's actual livelihood depended on the health of the company, and that their constant vulnerability was somehow related to flaws of the system.

She started managing the air-delivery of goods to the Vytal area as young as 15; since her father cannot directly supervise her, he has left his daughter in the hands of a pilot and caretaker named Beluga, which Yulon simply refers to as “Bel.” At that point she had Bel teach her how to pilot aircrafts as well, but even now her navigation skills are still pre-professional. It was not long before the daughter noticed that her father, with her protection in mind, assigned her lesser roles in executive meetings, relying on other corporates to represent the company at formal events. The increased reliance on non-family members worries the eldest daughter, who finds suspicion in them due to her increasing paranoia. Nevertheless, she remains dedicated to her limited administrative role and is known to have a tight fist on her employees.


Yulon and her younger sister, Hisui Xueshan, who occasionally replaces the last name with her mother's maiden name, "Nasumegu."

Businesswoman and Bodyguard

Besides her work, she receives private tutoring (like any other child of a wealthy business owner) in both academics and in self-protection. Yulon also took the time to tutor Hisui when she was with her. For practice in combat, Yulon “promoted” herself to one of the security officials in her sect, and has gained the unofficial role as inspector. At one point she was able to catch several White Fang terrorists disguised as employees (Yulon's Trailer), which only made the threats toward the Xueshans and their beneficiaries escalate. Due to her isolation from real cities and towns, Yulon has no other companion of her age other than her own sister, who rarely visits, along with a few added acquaintances that are the children of other company heads.

By the time she neared 18, she suspected that her efforts were not enough, as both Grimm and White Fang were able to bypass security and infringe on company projects even under her watch. To improve herself, she prepared a resume for Beacon Academy, the closest institution to her workplace. Her acceptance was perhaps controversial, in that she never attended previous schools and relied on her family’s title, however she proved to have adequate skills. She personally would prefer staying behind, but has promised Bel, who was left to protect the company’s Vytal base, that she would consider making some new friends.

Although starting with a seemingly dysfunctional team, Yulon adapts to her life at Beacon well by the end of the first semester, as Bel had hoped.

The Destruction of Beacon


Ms. Xueshan, a year after Beacon's fall. She has no choice but take some reign over the JDC, as her mother succumbed to her illness and her sister, declared missing.

During the events of the Vytal Festival, the heiress spent some time with a questionable acquaintance, SIlba, who had once infiltrated one of her company's airships with the White Fang before her entrance to Beacon. Silba, attempting to make amends and explain his imperfect loyalty to the Faunus group, remained with Yulon for most of the chain of events that befell Vale. He departed for his own matters once the other members of SYRA arrive, but leaves a warning about the safety of Xueshans knowing that the White Fang is in motion.

The loss of communication undoubtedly affects the JDC, which profits from operating between the nations. Yulon, although persistent about returning home to protect her family from the unknown threats, was kept back by Amy, her partner during the initiation. With a serious talk, Amy clarified that the only Xueshan in danger was indeed Yulon herself, who is not behind the safety of Atlas' borders, like the rest of her family. Team SYRA remains in Vale, with the remaining three members attempting to convince their leader, who refuses to return home, to consider leaving for another nation and academy.

Unknown to Yulon, her younger sister, Hisui, had sneaked aboard a ship headed to Vale during the Vytal Festival events. Although her health has improved over the time Yulon was at Beacon, Hisui was fortunate enough to run into Gajri, Saphyr's younger brother, and others who are familiar with the Nilshikha name--- Hisui, recognizing that they seek someone related to her sister, tagged along under their protection.



  • Due to the weak condition of the mother, the Xueshan family is headed by Yulon's father. Yulon carries respect for her father not out of duty, but out of the fact that he has shown increased concern for his wife and younger daughter. His persistence and willingness to work hard in order to preserve the well-being of loved ones inspired Yulon, undoubtedly.
  • Hisui, Yulon's younger sister, has mature mannerisms for her age and is highly concerned with the many responsibilities of her elder sister. She wants to do more to help, but is still too young. Yulon leaves her in the care of their mother, despite being constantly worried for the health of both of them.
  • Beluga, although not related by blood, is considered family in that she is Yulon's personal caretaker as well as pilot. Bel is constantly concerned with Yulon's lack of attention towards a real childhood (which includes having friends), yet tolerates the heiress's attitude towards her. It is hard to tell, but she does treat Bel like family.


  • Roxicon

    Rox Stonehenge, the third member of Team BERL, has once fought with Yulon, but was defeated. Nevertheless, his tough mindset still rejects the businesswoman's affinity for manners and finesse.

    Yulon is aware of the Nilshikha’s weapon services, and has considered enhancing her fans with dust variations to face competition at the academy. Upon meeting Sapphyre, she expected a more formal relationship but has come to the fact that at the school, business talk is uncalled for. Her respect for the Nilshikha business allowed her to tolerate Saf’s childish mannerisms. She envies Saf’s “freedom” to switch between family and school life, and looks down at her eagerness to not work. Overall, Yulon feels that she is free to open up to her, and is reminded of her relationships with her sister when she does.
  • Ragla has a fine quality to her that Yulon admires. The two finds themselves easily able to cooperate in battle as well as in holding a conversation. Despite the fact that Ragla has no similarities to her background, Yulon believes that they are rather compatible with each other. At the same time, her perfectionist tendencies to be mocked by Ragla; overall they work harmoniously as teammates and friends. At casual times, the two often team up to tease Sapphyre.
  • Amy is perhaps the cause of half of Yulon’s worries at Beacon. Their first meeting before initiation left Yulon a poor impression of the wild teenager; on the flipside, Amy adores Yulon’s conservative attitude, and would constantly jest at her for it. Despite her inability to tolerate the “Royal Noisemaker,” the heiress found that they fight surprisingly well together, with the exception of Amy’s ideas often clashing with hers. For the young manager, their relationship is perhaps no deeper than teammates, although for Amy they are best pals. Perhaps with some time they will better understand one another.



Silba, a supposed member of the White Fang. He's a wolf Faunus and as of recently, a questionable partner of Yulon's.

  • Also familiar with Team BERL as a whole, Yulon finds greatest irritation when interacting with Rox Stonehenge, whose girth and attitude is the complete opposite of her own. The two once dueled to settle their differences, with Yulon being victorious.

Other Allies

  • Yulon encountered a Faunus named Silba when she discovered that one her family's aircrafts have been infiltrated by White Fang. Although skeptical, Silba convinced Yulon that he has his own agenda that is separate from the terrorist's schemes.


  • Despite having a Chinese name (玉龙雪山), the last two characters remain her surname.
    • By character, the name means "Jade Dragon Snow Mountain."
    • The original/accurate pronunciation of the first part is "You-Lowngh."
  • The friends and family of Yulon also adhere to the color-naming convention:
    • The younger sister's name, "Hisui," means "jade" in Japanese.
    • Beluga, Yulon's caretaker, has a name that is based off of the Beluga whale, a distinctly white-colored mammal that swims in the Arctic.
    • Silba's name closely references the color "silver," although the exact language used is not clear.
  • Ironically, her emblem, which is symbolizing Crystalization, is a process that is far from perfect. However, the symbol is a trademark for her company, having themes of swiftness and water, fitting for a distribution-based company.

    Yulon's emblem, "Crystalization."

    • The emblem is supposed to be stretched horizontally so that it resembles her fan more.
    • It also looks like a flower, with the original intention being a chrysanthemum.
  • The mountain she is based off is Yulong Mountain, which is in China. Yulon's name is the exact same name as the mountain, though spelled differently.
  • This character was based on one of the four friends of BloodyRosalia. This real-life person received the Weiss slap-band that Bloody won from Rooster Teeth's Movie Poster Contest.
  • She has been alluded to the only female emperor of China, Wu Zetian (also known as Wu Chao):
    • There is some similarity of the two's first names (Wu and Yu).
    • Yulon's weapons are called the "Jade Empresses;" the daggers often times have poison, which was a famous quirk that appeared in stories about Empress Wu.
    • The self-proclaimed "Zhou Dynasty" by Wu may ring a bell to the person this OC was based on.

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