In this world, you can only trust yourself with you believe is right with any given situation in your life.
— Zabrina
Zabrina A. Mayonaka
Zabrina Chibi
Age 18
Title Quickfire Archer
Alias Zabrina


Nickname 'Brina


Status Active
Color Zircon
Gender Female
Race Human
Born December 16th
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair Blonde
Eyes Red
Semblance Aero Field
Height 5'7"
Weight 120 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team QRTZ
Partner Rosalina Mara
Occupation Student


Personal Status
Relatives Mrs. Mayonaka (Mother, Deceased)

Mr. Mayonaka (Father)


Additional Info
Emblem Zabrina Symbol
Likes Reading, Quiet Places, Freedom
Dislikes Strict rules, Loud people
Special Skills -Ranged fighter

-Stealth expert

-Quick on her feet

Weaknesses -Her Friends

-Low Endurance -Low Aura Control

This original character was created by RWBY Ruby Rose. Do not use my ideas, artwork or any other information without asking me first.
Feel free to comment anything on my character in the comment section. Id love to hear what you guys think.

Zabrina Mayonaka is an original character based on the world of RWBY and is created by RWBY Ruby Rose. She is a member of Team QRTZ and alludes to Merida.


Zabrina has long, golden blonde hair that reaches down to a few inches above her calves, red eyes and has her hair tied back into a long braid with a black scrunchie like hair accessory. She is a young woman that has a semi - fair complexion and she is of average height and lower than average weight.

  • Default Outfit
  • Zabrina Pjs (Done by Flora)
  • Zabrina's Formal Dress (Done by Flora)
  • Zabrina's Bikini (Done by Flora)
Main Outfit

Zabrina has an outfit that includes a long, white, no sleeve open leg dress that goes from white to brown as it reaches the bottom. It is all white on the inside of the dress and she wears long white leggings with brown lining that go up to her mid calf. She also wears a brown half short sleeve jacket with gold decoration over the top of her dress with a transparant half that goes around her left arm, revealing her left shoulder where her symbol is tatooed in her color, outlined in brown. The accessory on the jacket is a circular red jewel that has three featherlike feathers attached with a short braided strand coming down. For accessories, she wears a matching belt with golden design and a red gemmed buckle, long brown decorative gloves and matching boots with a gold gem shapped decoration in front of the anke area. She also wears a matching tiara with a gem in the center.


Zabrina's PJs consist of a long white vneck nightgown that goes to her knees. The nightgown has brown lace on the bottom along with gold lining. She also wears brown socks and may sometimes have a brown blanket on her with gold design.


Zabrina is a person that is quiet, reserved, relaxed and can be very critical and blunt. Unlike some people, she sticks to people she trusts immensely but doesn't trust others easily from the issues in her past with family. When she does speak though, she can be very manipulative towards others and will only be a sociopath when she collects information.

While in her mercenary work and in school work, she is well organized and very tactful in combat. She will use her surroundings to her advantage if they will be beneficial to her. However, because of this, she can be like a lone wolf and stray away from her teammates and prefers to work alone.

Though with her friends, she would always give them the respect they deserve and sometimes be their conscience to prevent them from making the wrong decision most of the time. Even if she can be rude, she deeply cares for the people she know and only then will she trust them and confide things to them.

Biography/ History

Born into the Mayonaka Clan in Vale with her mother and father. Her father was a highly skilled mercenary and her mother was a kind caretaker. Zabrina lived a happy life until she was 5 years old when her father decided to take her fate into his own hands.  At this time, she was starting to endure ardious training to become a mercenary like her father. She went on dangerous missions with him and learned the ways of being a mercenary. From this experience, she loved to fight and had killed people with her father at the age of 8 soon after her aura was awakened by him. The young mercenary learned a lot from him and also became an info broker, using her looks for gaining information.

However, when she turned 10, her mother worried for her fiery passion of mercenary work and was afraid that she would become more like her father so she decided to talk with her. From her mother's words, Zabrina knew that she was right since she had high respect for her mother, unlike her father. After she talked with her mother, she confronted her father and told him that she didnt want to do any more mercenary work for his questionable goals. Her father was furious and severly beat her in their brawl. From that point, her father coerced her into continuing with the mercenary work or watch her mother die a very painful death. She reluctantly agreed and kept serving hm until she was 13 with the worst work that he could give her.

When she was 13, Zabrina decided to finally run away from her father and abandon mercenary work all together. After she had a couple of her friends take her stuff to a new location in Vale for her to pick up, her mother begged to go with her. She couldn't possibly refuse and brought her along to run away in the night. Unfortunately, her father was enraged when he discovered her plan and went along with a few of his other mercenary brothers to capture Zabrina. They ran from their lives and her mother was then killed by them when she fell down onto the street. She wanted to go ack for her but her mother looked and yelled "Keep going! Forget about me! Go!"

With reluctance, Zabrina carried out her last wish and fled as fast as she could to evade her pursuers. She was exhausted and low on aura when collapsed onto the street and fainted after a few hours of evasion. When she awoke, she would up inside a new house, bandaged and on a loveseat couch as a lone mercenary came in. After a few questions, the mercenary offered to take her under her wing. The young mercenary was unsure at first, but after considering how he saved her, she took up his offer. She then started by creating Knight's Star.

Surprisingly, she was treated a lot better than her father and he treated her like an equal. They were partners and shared a mentor-apprentice relation, almost like a father-daughter. After some time in mercenary work, he told her about becoming a huntress to get more information to bring down her father. Inspired by the idea, she trained with her mentor and decided to take the entrance exam for Beacon Academy when she was 18 and passed. 

In Combat

Weapons: She uses a Dust Engraved Bow Lance (DEBL) named Knight's Star. It is a standard compact bow that has different crystal buttons on the bow that can fuse the drawstring and the arrows with dust and can also transform into a dust infused lance to have some protection in close range-mid range combat. With each crystal, it can perform different effects.

  • red - fire arrow/ fire attacks
  • blue - ice arrow/ ice attacks
  • yellow - lightning arrow/lightning attacks
  • green - wind powered dust arrow/Wind attacks
  • purple - aura concentrated arrow/attacks

Abilities and Powers: Zabrina is mostly a sniper based fighter with her sharp accuracy and quick reflexes when she aims with her weapon. Her speed and strength are average and to help her with close range if she needs it, her Lance form gives her some kind of defense against enemies with their sharp edges and dust abilities attached. However, she currently has the least amount of aura control out of her and her teammates since hers was unlocked recently and also has low endurance.

Aura: Her aura color is a deep purple.

Semblance: Aero Field

Zabrina is able to form a small pocket of compacted air around her arrows, preventing them from being effected by wind resistance. Upon contact with its target, the object takes the force of the compacted air before the arrow connects. She can also surround her fists with compact air in order to hit her enemy even if she doesn’t land an attack directly at the target. It can used until her aura runs out.


  • When her full name is translated it turns out to be "Midnight Desert Flower". Zabrina in American means 'Fruitful desert flower' or Princess in English, Mayonaka is Japanese for Midnight and Anthea is also Greek for flower. Her name can also be translated to 'Midnight Flower Princess'. Her first name fits Monty's rule since it allude to a color close to Zircon with the white flowers that can be found in the desert on cacti.
  • Can usually be seen reading or practicing archery in her spare time alone along with walking around places.
  • For more pics of Zabrina, click here.

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