"If I can make a weapon strong enough to fight the Grimm, sturdy enough to protect someone, then I will be able to call myself a weaponsmith."
— Zaffre on the subject of Weapons

Zaffre Perrault
Zaffre by forgemasterhd-d7q2jie
Age 18
Title Weapon Specialist
Alias Cindy Glass

Zaffre Lupinus

Nickname Zaff

Cinderella (Putrea)

Status Alive
Color Zaffre Blue
Gender Female
Race Human
Species Human
Born February 15
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Golden Blonde
Eyes Blue with a brown section in right eye
Semblance Heat
Height 5'5"
Weight 125 bls
Professional Status
Affiliation Former: Beacon Academy
Team Team LAPZ
Partner Putrea Zedong
Occupation Student,

Maid, Weapon Maker/Specialist

Job Types Maid work, Janitor work, Weapon Master, mercenary work, VIP Protection, Hunting, Recovery
Jobs Maid

Weapon Specialist

Additional Info
Emblem Zaffre's Emblem
Likes Chores, Practicing with Weapons, Studying
Special Skills Weapon Crafting/Improving, Cleaning, Cooking, Various Martial Arts, Strong in using Dust and Aura.
Weaknesses Scar on Back
Character Theme

A Blue Blacksmith (Mahoutsukai no Yoru: main theme/winter)
Battle Theme

Midnight Tolls (Accelerated World-Accel World)
This is the property of StarlightAT. Take it and I will sick Cerberus on you!!

Zaffre Perrault is a second year student and weapons maker of Beacon Academy, and is part of Team LAPZ. She owns a small weapon shop within the academy.


Zaffre appears as a fit teenage girl, around 5'5" with shoulder blade length, honey blonde hair tied back with a blue bow and blue eyes but she has sectoral heterochromia, a condition that has her right eye containing a small brown section. She possesses a burn scar on her back as punishment from her first runaway attempt. Normally she is seen wearing earplugs in to lower the sound around her, however she will take them out if the sound is moderate wherever she is.

Zaffre is usually dressed in a blue jacket with bell shaped sleeves, each bearing a cross like marking on them, a sky blue buttoned vest covering a white dress shirt, a silver, knee-cap length waist cape, black shorts, cyan stockings cover her legs and zaffre mid thigh boots. When fighting she will use her arm belts to hold her sleeves higher of she has the time to make the adjustments.

As a maid she wears an apron over her outfit and a bandana on her head.

While working on weapons, depending on the level of craftsmanship she needs to do, she will wear either brown overalls over a black shirt or a black apron, her jacket and waist cape off to prevent it form getting in her way. However when out and about and unable to have access with her other clothes, she will wrap her waist cape so that it protects her front legs and use the belts on her arms to hold her sleeves higher like she does when fighting.

She possesses a second outfit she usually wears for outings.
Zaffre Second Outfit

Second outfit done by User:Winter Edition


Zaffre is a kind-hearted soul; self-sacrificing, never bad mouthing a person behind their back and always willing to give a chance to someone. She is kind to all living things and believes that a person should be hated by their personality, not by how they look, their social status or race. She is also strong-willed and always believes in hope, never giving up on her dreams. To this end she immerses herself in studies to become a Civil Rights Activist for the Faunus, believing that if she did she would be able to see her parents once more. As such she also possesses a strong will to live, to survive to obtain that chance.

Due to being taken away from the Faunus that raised her, she has a silent hatred for the family that took her in. Despite being part of the family she is treated like dirt by her adoptive mother and sister as they always abused her kindness and force her to do chores. Also, her family intended to replace her 'non-existing one', declaring that she had no family before all of this when in fact she had a Faunus family she loved. She has come to despise the term and doesn't believe in replacing things unless absolutely necessary. However her Step-Father did show her kindness, enough for her to respect him. Because of what she has been through she has a strong desire to help others in anyway possible and hates to see anyone cry out of sadness. Unfortunately she has a bad habit of looking at other peoples weapons and determining if they are good or not and improving the weapon without permission. She also doesn't have an issue with fighting.

There are days when she wonders if she will see her parents again and prays everyday for the chance, but the hope in her is wavering, and even though she tries to hide this behind a smile her tears will tell a different tale.

The cause of her non-discriminatory views comes not only from being raised by Faunus but also seeing how they act. Learning of the White Fang, and having been attacked be a member once caused her to rethink her views on society as a whole. She knew what the heart was capable of feeling, and doubted that Faunus and Humans in general didn't feel the same emotions. As such, seeing that both Faunus and Humans can act the same has caused her to see everyone on the same level, neither good nor evil. In essence she has developed a philosophy; why should she hate when every living being can kill her, regardless if they are human, Faunus or Grimm? As such she has desensitized herself about the issue and finds others foolish for their black and white views on the issue. Even so this won't stop her from defending friends for the same ability, making her somewhat hypocritical.

And there are times when Zaffre can be scary. For example, she needs a clean room. If the room isn't clean, it WILL be cleaned, no matter what. OCD makes her an easy target for cleaning sprees. Cleaning is a way for her to fight her anxiety and negative thoughts, but even SHE can take it to far, as once she waxed the floors of the Beacon Academy...three times...each...and it took her the entire night to do so. Professor Ozpin was NOT happy his students were gaining more injuries from a waxed floor than from the The Grimm, or is he secretly laughing on the inside?

After surviving the incident of the trip that landed her in a coma, Zaffre has grown a fear of Nevermores, given the one she faced to save her teammates and has left a rather nasty effect on her, so much so she freezes on sigh when she sees a Nevermore, even though they are regular sized ones.

While good with weapons, she is not a pro and acknowledges the fact she cannot repair all weapons or help to forge any kind.


Zaffre was born to human parents but due to events she was left in the forest as a baby. It was theorized that her parents were killed. Luckily she was found by the Lupinus family and taken in as their own. While not accepted by the entire village, Zafre did find friendship in Calco Tildrum. When Zaffre was old enough, she was allowed to participate in White Fang protests. Sadly rumors of a human girl with Faunus began to spread and several hunters found Zaffre one day with her parents. This caused outcries of protests that a human was being raised by a pack of animals and a court case was raised as Zaffre was not properly registered in society. The Lupinus lost the case and Zaffre was taken away from her home. Though before she left her parents promised they would fight for her and had her promise to keep being kind to others and to be strong.

Zaffre was sent to an orphanage but later adopted by Charles Perrault, the CEO Of Perrault Weapons and a Faunus sympathizer. She was raised alongside an older sister, though as much as she tried she could never get along with her. During her time adopted, she was forced to study and learn how to create and assemble weapons as part of the family business and attended a school, where she was infamous for the story surrounding her.

One day it was reported that the CEO of Perrault Weapons perished in a warehouse fire. Zaffre didn't believe it and tried to go investigate, but she was unable to. As such her Step-Mother took over the company and the two women began to abuse Zaffre by treating her as a maid instead of a daughter, believing those who were raised by Faunus should be treated as such. Because of the harsh treatment she has tried numerous attempts to run away, only to be caught again and again and confined to her room in the basement. Even so she kept believing she would escape and waited patiently for her chance.

One night the Perrault family attended a party of the elite but did not invite Zaffre, having her confined to her room and guarded. By a miracle she managed to escape and ran away successfully. Zaffre decided to return to the location of her parent's village outside the kingdom. As Zaffre continued to travel, she eventually found her way back to the village. Sadly, no one was there. Zaffre, having felt the stress both mentally and physically passed out. She woke up in the care of a elderly blacksmith. He explained that due to a Grimm invasion the village people had to relocate. Zaffre would have collapsed had it not been for the elderly gentleman. He inspired her, and offered her a place to call home for the time being. The old man, who revealed himself as a professor from Beacon, decided to adopt her and vowed to help the child find her faunus parents.

The professor taught her several fighting styles, all based on her desired weapon that she crafted. After attending Sanctum, she decided to attend Beacon. Professor Ozpin was told of her special circumstances through the professor. Ozpin agreed to let her enter the school with the altered transcript. When not in school, Zaffre would run a small Weapon Specialist/Maker shop in Vale to help with her school tuition, as she did not want the Professor to pay for all of it. During initiation, Zaffre met with her teammates Liadan Dormant, Auburn Radcliff and Putrea Zedong. Together they were assigned the name Team LAPZ.

During their second year attending Beacon, as well as the Vytal Festival, Vale was assaulted by thousands of Grimm. the cause is unknown, though Zaffre had a theory. As such LAPZ remained behind to protect the students that were escaping and try to exterminate the Grimm. During the battle, a white flash of light encompassed the area and froze the Giant Grimm Dragon. Because of this Beacon became a hotspot for Grimm activity, and Beacon fell to the Grimm. Team LAPZ, realizing that communications worldwide have broken down, decided to travel to other kingdoms to try and explain what occurred during that day. Once they successfully do, they intend to gather former teams of Beacon and try to take back both their school and restore the CCT.



Liadan Dormant: The Leader of Team LAPZ. Zaffre had some difficulties on the first week she was assigned to LAPZ but came to respect Liadan's quick thinking and ingenuity. Though at times she finds herself having to stop Liadan from participating in her...questionable activities.

Auburn Radcliff: Another of Team LAPZ, Zaffre finds herself often exasperated with him due to his annoying ability to lock his weapon and be unable to activated the gun feature. Since it is a rather old weapon Zaffre is constantly having to make improvements, making her short on money due to the metal and other items she uses to try and lessen the damage to the weapon and prevent Auburn from constantly coming to her for help. Even so, she trusts Auburn to have her back in a fight and she teases him on a constant basis for being the youngest member of the team, despite them all being the same age.

Putrea Zedong: Zaffre's partner and the one most often seen with her. Zaffre was shocked when she fell for the trap Putrea laid out, but likes Putrea for following what he likes and respects his wisdom. Often at times she goes to him for advice, especially concerning her relationship with Urdin. Their friendship is rather stable, and both respect the other for their abilities in combat. Zaffre often finds herself at the receiving end of Putrea's teases.


Urdin Meadows: A young man she met during the man's first day at beacon. Due to circumstances they became part of a temporary team with him as leader. Currently she is in a relationship with him.

Black Weston: Another young man she met alongside Urdin. As well as herself and Urdin he joined on a quest to deliver a Dust Statue to another region. While she may question his actions at times, in a fight she trusts Black with her life.

Clay "Razor" Weston: A temporary teammate during Zaffre's mission with Melira, she respects Clay's abilities in a fight, and can easily tell the difference between Clay and Black despite them being twins. While they did interact she doesn't feel as close to him as she does Black.

Royce Blenheim: A bartender she met during her time off in her Freshman Year second semester. He made an impression on her for being calm during a situation and respects him greatly. In her second year second semester, she returned to the bar he owned and sadly got him involved with a mercenary hired to kill her.

Angelina Zain: A friend she made one day at a small cafe in vale.

Maki Kuronami: Zaffre is responsible for helping reforge a new weapon for Maki and has since been on good terms with her.

Calco Tildrum: Zaffre's childhood friend. When she still lived with her Faunus parents Calco was her only friend and both shared a lot of similar personality quirks. When she was forced to leave, Calco ran after her to try and save her but failed. When she finally met up with Calco ten years later, she was shocked to find him a part of White Fang as it is now, and is now forced to be on opposite sides of him to finish her mission, something that bothers her to no end and leaves her thinking she won't be able to enforce her own beliefs. Even so she still believes in Calco.


Melira "Goldstein": The woman who hired Zaffre, Urdin and Black for the mission of delivering the dust statue to another region. During the quest her respect for Melira withered slightly, but she still trusts her.

Aki Tokuhana: A late comer to the temporary team, Zaffre appreciates Aki for finding her beloved weapon when she was kidnapped by White Fang. For some reason Aki believes that Zaffre could help Melira believe in humans once more, but Zaffre is just a student at Beacon...

Foster Family

Mr. Perrault: Despite them taking her in, Zaffre couldn't despise a family anymore. The only person in the whole family she had respect for was her foster father, who was a Faunus sympathizer. Once he learned of the girl's circumstances, he promised that he would take her home. Due to the fact he had a mistress at the time, who was also a Faunus, his wife killed him and made the incident seem like an accident. As such all hope of Zaffre seeing her family again was crushed.

Governess Iracebeth Perrault: The one person in the world Zaffre despises the most. Iracebeth was nothing but cruel and harsh towards the girl, always treating her as something less than human, placing her on the same level as the Faunus for being raised by them.

For some reason, Iracebeth wants Zaffre dead and the poor girl doesn't know why. Iracebeth believes Zaffre may have found out the truth about how Mr. Perrault was killed and constantly sends out assassins and mercenaries out after the girl. She is the reason Zaffre goes by the name Cindy Glass and wears a color contact lens to hide the sectoral heterchromia in her right eye.

Perrault Sibling: 


"It's okay...I'll see them again, I know it. I won't lose hope..." - Zaffre on the subject of her parents

"We sheathe our real selves in the darkness, afraid of what could happen if the truth got out about us." - Day One at Beacon Academy RP, Zaffre on why humans attack the Faunus.

" begin with...Cindy you all might know is an real name is...Zaffre Perrault..." - Day One at Beacon Academy RP, Zaffre reveals her true name.
Zaffre perrault 2

"Why should I fear the Faunus' ability to kill when Humans and the Grimm can do the same?" - Zaffre on the subject of the White Fang. Voice sample below of quote.

Untitled 5

Abilities & Weapon

Zaffre is an incredible craftsman and sometimes trains with the weapons she creates, as such she is a weapons expert and is rather flexible and adaptable with any weapon, though she mostly practices with her favored dust claw gauntlets Lupinus that she created in honor of her parents.


Lupinus is refereed to as a Dual Action Grappling Blades (DAGB). The claws are silver gauntlets with claws attached on the gauntlets that can extend into a grappling hook. The section where the Claws are located can pop out, a thin but durable rope round around a wheel. The length of the rope can extend to about 1 meter. However she mostly relies on Dust to either deal damage or increase her mobility. Lupinus contains circuit like lines that are really conversion lines and lines containing various Dust. To insert the Dust Zaffre needs to insert crystals into the gauntlet itself and the dust is then dissolved into powder.

Zaffre's weapon is made from a particular type of metal able to withstand heat but change color, and the weapon is lined with cloth, rubber and paracod underneath so that the metal doesn't harm Zaffre when used with her Semblance. The weapons however arenot limitless and can only hold so much before they begin to wear and melt.

The Dust Lupinus uses are mostly Heat and Steam dust.


Zaffre's semblance, Heat, is the manipulation of heat, or thermal energy. Normally Zaffre keeps her semblance under wraps and prefers to simply use it with her claws, giving them the ability to cut through anything, including metal due to the heat generated by them. However Zaffre's semblance could be used to steal the Heat Energy of one place or person and transfer it to another, like say stealing the heat from a glass of water and transferring the heat to her weapons for an attack. Naturally this would cause the glass and water to freeze instantly and it can come across as Zaffre possessing the ability to use a freezing type of semblance.

Zaffre's semblance can allow her to manipulate the transfer of heat energy, in other words increasing or decreasing the energy at an amazing rate, heat absorption, sensing the heat energy of another through a form of infrared perception, and can even condense the energy into her gauntlets to launch a small blast of heat. However she needs to be touching the area of the heat she transfers, as such she usually wears a specific kind of glove that can protect her fingers. Also, Zaffre's semblance can only work for something she touches and retains in her grasp. As an example, if Zaffre can touch the surface of a lake she can steal the heat energy, transfer it to her weapons, and subsequentially freeze the lake.

When utilized with her claws, Zaffre can caused the metal of the claws to reach temperatures hot enough to be able to cut through steel. while this should have the drawback of melting her own claws, Zaffre's claws are immune due to the various elements that make up her own gauntlets.

Zaffre's semblance could also grant her a form of infrared perception, to where even if she were to go blind or witness an illusion, she could determine what is real and fake and what is nearby.

While she can manipulate the heat energy that already exists, she cannot create heat energy and has to rely on heat that is nearby.


Zaffre is, despite her calm and kind demeanor, the most aggressive out of her teammates. Zaffre can easily punch an Ursa a good five meters with a punch, and she is capable of carrying a grown man if needed to.

Speed and Agility

Zaffre isn't the fastest on her team, but her mobility easily lands her at second place. Zaffre is quick on her feet and very agile, relying on reflexes and experience to hold her own. Zaffre relies on her martial arts knowledge to dodge and parry attacks with both her arms and legs. Though Zaffre is still more inclined to use her upper body strength due to her claws. Zaffre can leap long distances and jump about a few feet when not augumented by Aura. Though Zaffre uses Wind Dust to propell herself further.


Zaffre can easily scale the Forest used for the Beacon Initiation and not be tired, even after fighting Grimm. She serves as a 'Tank' for her group alongside auburn and can take hits for quite a while, but can get back up and continue fighting some more. Zaffre was once punched through a rock and into a cliff, but she still found the energy to keep fighting. Even when her weakspot is attacked, Zaffre can still recover after about ten seconds.


Zaffre has talent in using Aura as her Faunus parents taught her how to shield herself, knowing that the forest they lived by contained Grimm, as such she excels at using her Aura more than anything in her battles. Due to her Aura and training she is rather swift, possesses above-average strength and is incredibly durable. Zaffre can channel her aura to act as a defensive barrier around her body and even to one specific area to make it difficult to penetrate, but this tactic leaves the rest of her body vulnerable. Even if Zaffre is an expert in using her aura, even she will grow tired from prolonged use.


Zaffre is the type that can hit fast and hard. Thought not even she is without a major weakness. Due to an incident Zaffre has a scar on the mid of her back. If she were to be attacked there then the pain would cause her senses and mobility to dull. That doesn't mean she makes it easy to assault her back due to her posture and mobility itself. She knows about her weak-point and knows exactly how to protect it.


Zaffre focuses on using Ba Gua Zhang to assist with evasion and utilizes various martial arts, ranging from Kung Fu to Wing Chun, to use her claws. She learned some of her martial arts from her short time in Sanctum and has done private training since then, but recently has gained a teacher through a professor at Beacon. However she doesn't specialize in one form and thus cannot use the move-sets to their full potential. Even so Zaffre has incredible reflexes and speed that when combined with her durability, powerful punches and knowledge in weapons and close combat tactics, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Zaffre's fighting style is at first rigid but becomes a flowing motion the more she fightsand the more momentum she has if she fights multiple opponents.

Her knowledge of weapons is what makes her dangerous as she can pinpoint a weapon's weak spot and use that to destroy the weapon. If given the chance to fully analyze her opponent she can defeat them, so the best way to fight against her is to keep moving and keep her guessing. Even so Zaffre has skills in blacksmith thanks to the teacher she worked under. He taught her about what makes a good weapon and how to utilize different versions to get a good grasp on how they work and how to improve them.

She can take on multiple Grimm creatures, ranging from Basilisk to Ursa, but will have trouble against flying foes if she can't get to them.

RPG Stats

  • Class: Weaponsmith
  • Strength: B
  • Defense: B
  • Dust Usage: B
  • Aura Usage: S
  • Dust Resistance: B
  • Speed: B
  • Evasion: A
  • Luck: C
Zaffre Perrault's Stats :

Primary Role FHT
Secondary Role CAS
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


  • Zaffre is based off of the story of Charles Perrault "Diamons and Toads (The Faeries)" and the concept of the Wild Child.
  • Her weapon name, Lupinus, is the name of a flower that is also called Bluebonnet, which also comes in other colors besides blue.
  • While she may be on a team she still works as a weaponsmith at Beacon with her own shop.
  • One of her job perks grants her a master key that allows her entrance to any room in the building, either for cleaning purposes or waking up students who have yet to rise for school, something she takes to full advantage.
  • She mostly practices with the weapons she creates to test their stats and see if she created a weapon that would survive a battle.
  • Zaffre's last name is a shout out to french fairy tail writer Charles Perrault.
  • Zaffre is Bisexual.
  • Zaffre's emblem was done by the magnificent Demetri Anacona!
  • I maybe have unintentionally made Zaffre's fighting style like Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy VII.


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