I'm an okay guy, if you think differently I really don't care.
Zane R Slate
Age 18
Title Beacon student/

Team Leader

Color Grey
Gender Male
Race Human
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 5'9"
Professional Status
Team H.E.R.N
Additional Info
Weaknesses Fire

Extreme heat Dairy products

this was created by Keithv999


Rzane's emblem


Zane is a young man not easily noticed he has short black hair and brown eyes. He wears a grey Gatsby, black and grey jacket, light grey v-neck, blue undershirt, dark blue jeans, and a light and dark grey messenger bag. He wears a brace and a large shoulder pad on his left arm, on his right a small shoulder pad, and some light leg armor. Behind his left shoulder is his emblem in dark grey.


He is an okay guy but he can be a bit of a dick sometimes. He's a bit distant when he first meets someone but when he gets to know them he's more open. He is typically much kinder to women and more behaved in front of them. Zane is quite intelligent but can be very lazy when it comes to things that don't interests him, especially his school work. Although when he's able to find something that's very interesting to him, or gets an idea for something he'll be quite the opposite. He is quite the inventor and in his spare time he likes to tinker and experiment with his inventions. But he can be very messy and even go days without sleep and not even realizing it. He's somewhat of a merchant as well. If there's any equipment in need of repairs, an upgraded he can do it, or if there's any special items you need he can get it. But it's always for a price. Zane is also the kind of person that doesn't care when people are trying to insulting or threaten him, but do that to one of his friends and you'll get a reaction. He have a tendency to disappear and reappear out of nowhere a lot, and has a bad habit of eavesdropping and pickpocketing. He dislikes being in direct sunlight and prefers cold cloudy weather, because it reminds him of his home town.


Zane was born into a family with a long legacy that he would eventually be a significant part of. He lived in a small town high in the mountains that was cold all year round. Soon after he was born his parents discovered that he had a condition that caused his body to overheat immensely. At the age of 3 do to one very irresponsible uncle Zane was exposed to some ice dust which inexplicably returned his body temperature normal. They soon realized that Zane was able to use dust to keep his body from overheating. Under normal circumstances members of his family wouldn't go to combat school because they would receive training at home but he excelled in his training and completed the first part of it at a much younger age rather than at the normal age of 21. He then ask his parents if instead of continuing with the second part of his training, he could go to a combat school. His parents refuse at first but, he assured them that he had no intention of becoming a hunter but just wanted to get out and see the world. They eventually gave in and allowed him and his brother to go but with a few conditions, one being when he became 21 he would have to return home for the rest of his training. When they left town his parents gave them a family dagger to remind them of where they came from and a building to live in, that is just on the edge of Vale. In combat school he soon discovered that he and his brother had a natural talent for designing and crafting weapons and armor. Zane and Victor were even hired by several of his classmates to make them their weapons and/or armor. He continue the rest of his combat school days passing his classes with the bare minimum. When he took the acceptance exam for Beacon Academy the instructors were surprised when he passed.

Weapons & Abilities 


bass chart made by Jollyjo

Zane carries a special sniper rifle and sword called "Cero & filo" (designed and forged himself) and a family curved dagger. He's quite fast, quite strong, and very adaptive. He fights primarily close quarters but will also snipe from afar. His sniping skills are allmost unbelievable as well as his close quarters combat skills. He's always had a natural connections to ice dust so he can use it quite well and at will without any sort of weapon, he primarily uses to keep himself cool, but under the right circumstances he will use it in combat. Without trying he isn't that loud or easy to notice and when he does try it's much more difficult to notice him.


By Zane Slate

Look I can get you anything. I won't ask why you need it, as long as you don't ask where I get it. Got it?
Fine! You want to know why. Why my name is Zane, or why my brother's name is Victor. Why is it the last time you heard names like ours, it was in a book that predates the war 200 years ago? Do you really want know? Do you! I'll tell you then. Our family has lived outside your little worlds you call cities for a long time. We've lived, survived ,thrived almost for hundreds of years. And let me tell you this. We didn't fight in your STUPID war. Hell you guys hardly knew we existed. So no! Our ancestors didn’t fight against yours in that war long ago. All they did was watch… as people how ones called each other friends and family, slaughtered one another. That’s why we have such old fashioned names.

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