Summary of Zilar

Hello and welcome to a short story about one of the nights that my character Zilar Ander survived on the street. A short summary of his life is basically, he was an average Joe who wanted to attend Beacon, though he wasn’t accepted. That night, he tried to save his brother, who was injured on duty in the police force. Zilar tried to save him from a fire that a Beowolf caused by smacking the stove and later attack an unarmed Zilar in fear. Knocked out, Zilar was nearly burned alive, but he was saved. The right side of his body now burned alive and his limbs along with his eyeball were useless. He was later subject to surgery to help him only to receive help later on by his grandfather. Time went on and his right side of his body was made entirely into a machine fueled by dust. He quickly learned after adjusting to his new features that his grandfather was behind his brother’s attack as he was suppose to be the one to first go under the treatment. Zilar enraged went against his Grandfather and his company, MTL Industries. From there, he went on to live on the streets, steal from dust shops to power his robotic half and fight against MTL. It wouldn’t be later that a hunter got in his way and gave him a second chance to redeem himself and pay back for what he did by becoming a hunter after training at Beacon. 


Guess the story of my past will help you understand how life had become for someone like me. . . oh right, introductions. Well, my name is Zilar Ander and I’m a cyborg. This story takes place half a year ago in the West region of the Industrial region of Vale. My plan that night was to take revenge on the company who made me into this, MTL Industries. Guess we can get started then, because this was before I even knew I could even become a Hunter.

The Story

The darkness of night covers the lands of Vale, a nation that is suppose to be a safe haven from Grimm, yet monsters still run wild. The shattered moon in the sky provides light to those who do not have any light at all. The streets of Vale’s industrial region are lit by the light posts that tower over the sidewalks and streets that run through this building infested region. The only signs of life are the lights in these monstrous buildings and the homeless people living off the street.
The one difference tonight was a large shipment being delivered to a building with large italic letters that spelled ‘MTL Industries’ a company fueled solely on military and dust contracts. The delivery was a shipment of dust powder to be used for the development of their new weapons. The truck was undoubtedly large; a 50 wheeler truck carrying in a whole new freshly harvested dust collection. The massive truck would continue to ride along before coming to the gates of the large facility.
Across the way, a human figure, one who just blended in with the public stood over the streets on top of a seven storey building. This peculiar man watched as the truck was let onto MTL’s property. As the male watched, his right eye began to glow and began to scan the area as he noticed multiple men wielding high power assault rifles using primarily red dust as noted by the exterior of the weapon and the cartridges they were using.
The truck would slowly come to a halt and the cargo would slowly be unloaded as robotic drones manufactured by MTL exited the truck along with multiple crates of dust. Different dust names from small companies who needed all the help they could get and major companies such as the Schnee Company were being transported out. The drones began to take positions as they stood like statues as the guards transported the cargo in.
The man watched before he had gotten all the data he needed and the illusion of a man began to disappear as a long tattered cloak became visible as he crouched down. The male smirked beneath his hood thinking, ‘Time to have fun. . . things are gonna get heated.’ he chuckle as he looked forward. He locked on to the main ground where the drones stood and on his back, metal flaps opened as a white circle with lines in the pattern of hardware computer chips appeared before the male launched himself at them as one man looked up to see a light blur moving towards them.
As the blur closed in, the cloaked figure unlocked his sword as the man tilted his head and the man would go eye wide as the reflection of the moon hit him as the cloaked figure knocked him away with his robotic arm. The drones turned and demand, “Identify yourself.” with a computerized voice, the cloaked figure chuckled use his robotic foot to cast a dust cloud. The drones began to aim to only be shot down by a stream of bullets that began to zoom out from the dust cloud as the drones fell back.
Security alarms began to sound off as the guards clad in military grade equipment began to charge out came to see the destroyed drones. The men shaking starred as the dust cloud that began to fade away to only meet the cloak figure standing there. They aimed and ready to fire, the figure smirked beneath his hood as they aimed and one yelled, “Fire!” they all pulled the trigger to only have the masked assailant disappear. As the stream of bullets flew by, the cloaked figure had made use of robotic foot and jumped high above them. He look down thinking, ‘Why do they never fire with caution or just take a couple shots for that matter?’ he sigh as he began to move down to them slowly.
As they unloaded their magazines, one turned up before the male began to ran down bullets on the men before using his back feature to propel into the crowd of men. He grabbed a man and hid as remaining troops fired on the human shield. As they emptied their clips, the male used his robotic claw for a right foot to clutch the dead man’s body and throw him at a couple of the men reloading and turn to those on his left side. He aimed and unloaded more bullets into them, as they would drop.
He turned back to the men slowly rising and moved again like a blur making use of the dust in his foot as he came up behind them and cut the remaining men down with one slash. As the men fell forward, the cloaked figure walked over the men he had slain as he entered the facility and came to a wide-open area. The large doors slid close before a giant drone in the shape of a man with size arms stood there. The giant was roughly twice the height of the cloaked man and four times his weight. The giant drone’s visor glowed as it charged at the cloaked male who used a yellow dust circle from his foot to dodge the giant‘s punch. It would turn and open it’s visor to reveal what appeared to be a cannon and aimed at him before firing a beam of concentrated red energy.
The beam caused an explosion on contact, but the cloaked male had used his Wing feature to dodge the attack. The male would shortly land and look as the drone charged at him, but it launched all six arms six different directions with one hitting the male from his left side who went flying backwards. The hood fell off as he went flying back and smashed into one of the large walls. The drone began to charge up another beam as the hooded man's identity became clear. It was Zilar who looked at the giant.
As it fired, the male managed to use his wing feature to launch himself above the giant who turned and before it close it’s visor, the male used another white circle to close the distance and impale the blade on his right arm into it’s cannon. As it tried shutting the visor, the male began to fire bullets into it’s head as the machine began to fall forward. The male gripped the head of it with his left hand yanked the blade out before he used his right foot to push off and flip backwards landing on his right foot that activated an auto-balance. It corrected his landing and he look back as the giant fell down.
Seeing a large door before him. He used his eye to scan the door and it was made of a multiple protective surfaces similar to a mine resistant ambush protected vehicle. The male with nothing strong enough on his own personal turned back to the defeated machine. He scanned it and discovered that he could pilot it be linking with it.
After a couple moments of working an unorthodox method to connect with the broken machine, he got it to rise to it’s feet and move towards the door. The six arms winded back and punched the door sending it flying. Inside were men who were protecting the contents of the delivery, until the door cleared them out easily as the giant now under Zilar’s command would crush the remaining men. The male watched as he stayed outside the room and soon shut the machine down as he entered and found a supply of dust that could power an army.
The male secured the dust he needed in a duffle bag as he took only powder dust and set them in small boxes that wouldn’t be harmed from transport in such a manner. Zilar looked and activated a self-destruct protocol in the machine before making his way out. As he got off the facility’s property, he watched from the street as the factory went up in a large explosion as the structure that it was connected to began to collapse with all sorts of Dust going off at once. The male transformed into a normal citizen as he strolled off. Zilar walked off chuckling as he said, “Gotta love blowing stuff up~!” he disappear into the dark of night. Multiple departments of security came to deal with the issue, but evidence still remained that Zilar was there as the machine’s core was hooked up to MTL’s database and received data that Zilar is still alive and still has the same goal, though his connection is lost one more.

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