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"I am only half a man, but my soul is still remains in tact."
— Zilar Ander
Zilar Ander
Age 20
Title The Iron Man
Alias Dust Cyborg
Nickname Z
Status Active
Color Grey
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Cyborg
Born September 22nd
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair White
Eyes Metallic Silver
Height 6'7"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team AZIC
Partner Abbandon Tomb
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Parents & Grandfather
Additional Info
Emblem ZilarEmblem
Likes Sharpening his blade, not being judge and relaxing.
Dislikes Being judged, being looked down upon and people fearing his appearance.
Special Skills CQC & Dust Use
Weaknesses Too much Dust Use & LRC
Character Theme

Zilar's Theme


Zilar is a quiet male who tends to stay to himself and rarely speaks unless spoken to. He does show some courage when he feels the need to speak up as he will make himself clear if he needs to. He will stand up if he must or feels too as he will not stand down when he sees something is wrong.
Zilar is one to protect others if he needs to and he does care greatly for others. He will also support the actions of others as he believes in them. He will often rely on others when he doesn’t have a clear idea of what to do. He believes that working together is crucial to survive against Grimm as he learned first hand that not being prepared can kill you.
Zilar in a fight was once an average male, but now he no longer fears getting in close as his body is a weapon. he also doesn’t fear taking a hit for another as pain is second hand to him from his experience in the fire and in surgery. Though he still has nightmares about both experiences, he seems to not fear pain from a fight as it seems like nothing compared to the other two times.
Zilar is very shy when first meeting him though as he will rarely show his face to new people as eye and half his face is now a metal plate.His bone structure does remain beneath, but he thinks many will reject him as he no longer looks human, but a cross between man and machine.



Zilar rarely shows what is beneath his tattered camo color cloak, but his left forearm, hand and foot are covered in bandages, but he does wear a military style boot on his left foot. His metallic arm and foot are primarily desert camo when revealed. The right side of his face is covered by a metal plate with his right machine eye covered by a slit red glass held in place by the glass. Beneath cloak is a t-shirt with it’s right sleeve torn off to allow his arm to pop out. The shirt is all black as he does wear desert camo cargo pants.


Zilar’s a more lean male with his most prominent muscles in his upper arms and upper legs. His muscle has barely any sign of fat, but his right forearm, calf, hand and foot arm now covered in mechanical technology as his the right side of his face and his shoulder down to the midsection of the right side of his upper back. His right front side has many burn markings from heavy flames as does his neck and upper limbs.

Weapon & Abilities

S.W.B.C System

  • Shield - On the right forearm there is a shield that often appears when in non-action mode. It will cover the muzzle and cover the edges of the sheathed blade. The shield also appears to be linked to the cloak that he wears as it can activate a fusion of dust chemicals to create an optical illusion of blending in with his surrounding. Though this is negated once he takes the offense as the shield moves up and becomes a shield for the upper arm as it will lock a piece of the cloak on him to hold it in place. The scan is located in the replacement eye which is covered by a bullet-proof glass that is a solid red color. The scan isn’t visible to the naked eye, but to him, he will see red streams of light. The scan also appears to be able to scan offensive capabilities of an enemy or list attacks of a Grimm that he scans. The scanning process can only be used when he isn’t moving making him viable to attacks from behind.
  • Wing - Implemented into his right shoulder and down to the midsection of the back is a device that is filled with red and white dust Though it is layered in in a metal covering, the metal is split into sections that open and retract to allow flight for him and even allow him to gain an advantage by being able to move over terrain faster and move into a location faster then most. The drawback is that a good marksman if they catch sight of the open pockets could damage the dust and cause an explosion or a flying Grimm could destroy it from behind if it lands a direct blow when it is open or closed.
  • Blade - On his right forearm is a metal device that makes up his right forearm. The defense mode is when the shield covers the blades that are sheath to the sides of the arm horizontally if the arm is just by the side. Beneath the shield lies a submachine gun built directly into the mechanical arm. Though when it goes into offense, the blades split out and connect in the middle of the forearm as they extend to create a four and a half foot blade. The blade is metallic and the muzzle of the machine gun meets the base of the blade that is sticking out. The blade is rather thick and and wide which allows it to be used as a defensive weapon even in attack mode. The blade is also durable allowing it to sustain heavy damage without show of any damage. It also appears that the blade can be used like a scissor as the blades middle section is rather sharp and can resemble a pair of scissors, though this is not the greatest technique unless to capture a weapon or cut a limb or neck that has no armor present. However, the blade itself has two containers attached to it: fire and ice dust. The edges of the blade are highlighted and upon activating one of the dusts, the edges will press in to release one of the two affects. Fire will encase the blade edges, while the other will release cold air that upon swing will encase the area cut with ice. This function however consumes a great deal of dust depending on how long they are used for.
  • Claw - Implemented on his right foot is a mechanical boot that at first looks normal, but it is when he decides to make use of it. The toe area and heel will extend and the toe area splits into two sections which allows for a claw device. This Claw can be used to stop his movement is he is coming in to hot or being pushed back. The device can also be used as a tool to grip an opponent and push them down. Though the claw doesn’t having any cutting ability, it’s talent in grabbing onto perches allows him to increase his balance. Though if used against a human, the claw can become a weakness as if it locks on, it has a five second delay in letting go. The claw uses green, white and yellow dust to allow for movement.

Combat Style

Zilar often uses his optical illusion cloak to stay out of sight for the most part and camouflage with his surroundings. He uses this state to analyze an opponent before engaging as he tries to assume what type of attacks they could use. He is primarily a close quarters combat fighter who wants to end a fight shortly. In tight quarters he will use his sword to trick them before using the claw to grab their leg and trip them before engaging with the blade. Zilar will use his wing or claw system to close gaps quickly or use it to move about. Given his pain tolerance, he doesn’t mind taking injuries as his defensive shield is very durable and good against attacks up close. He will often switch between the modes to allow a cool-down on Dust in his Claw for agility.


Zilar’s strength lies in his ability to analyze his opponent and make use of weaknesses. His Dust power Claw and Wing give him even better maneuverability on the battlefield. The combination strength and speed makes him fearsome. His auto-balance in his claw can allow him to correct his stance or stop a moving target pushing him back. His flight also allows him to increase his strength by coming down or rain down bullets from above. His high tolerance to pain also allows him to sustain heavy injuries without showing much effect on his combat use.


Zilar’s main weakness lies in his system’s core working as his eye scan only works when standing still and gives anyone an opening from behind as he may not notice and can become an easy target from afar as well. Due to his short-range combat style, he is very much a target at range and due to a lack of aura knowledge, he has no experience in using it for defensive purposes or healing in anyway. His stamina and pain tolerance may be high, but extended use of his dust may make him lose the use of his Claw and Wing’s use. Even more, dust use may shut down his right eye’s use and may blind him in the right eye. With a lack of armor, one can easily spot unprotected areas of his body and attack from range. Given his left side has no armor, one can attack. With his camouflage only active during standby phases, he cannot implement in battle unless he hides and given a delay in it's use can hinder it's effectiveness in battle. Zilar's mechanical parts also rely heavily on dust which can easily hinder him as it lacks a control of the use and with no dust present, his parts will shut down and slow him down.


Zilar three years ago was a normal male who wanted nothing, but to be a hunter. He was a fair warrior with average skills at best and when he applied to Beacon, he was rejected as his skills wasn’t up to par. That very day, he would come to find his home being lite in flames and remembered that his brother, who had been injured during his service as a Police Officer was still bound to a wheelchair was trapped. His parents had gone out to dinner.
A rogue Beowolf had gotten into the house and attacked the lit oven out of fear and then damage done to it began a fire. The beast scared tried to flee, but it encounter Zilar who unarmed was easily struck down by the Grimm who ran out. The male no long able to move, he sat against the wall as the flame erupted. Firemen soon arrived, but they were late as Zilar’s right side of his body had already been consumed by the flames. His eye right eye, eye, forearm, calf and foot had become useless. His right side now covered in burn marks was taken to the hospital where they began to treat him, but his lower arm, lower foot and eye on the right side were removed as they could never be used again.
His brother was killed in the fire and now to go through physical therapy to get use to the multiple prosthetic coming ahead, he was losing hope until his Grandfather, a man who had fought in the Great War came to him and offered him a chance to go through a surgery that would replace his lost features and give him a new life. The cost was being human.
Zilar less than a man accepted and his body went through the surgery with minimal drugs as it could affect the surgery. He felt everything done and he knew he had to hold on. His elbow and knee on his right side, plus the upper bone structure were soon replaced with metallic ones. More bones would soon be replaced after the first procedure, but at the end, his limbs had metallic connectors for new parts.
Time continued and his spinal cord was even given new metal pieces as it allowed for full use of Dust being implemented. At the end of his first year, he was made into a cyborg as he was now a combination of man and machine. The project was never given a proper introduction to the public, but the new implications allowed for a faster recovery time as he felt like he was whole one more.Though after recovering, he learned quickly that his grandfather’s company didn’t want to only help him, but make new soldiers.
Remembering how his brother had become injured, he remembered his brother saying that the assailant wielded a MTL weapon. Now enraged, the Cyborg Zilar turned on MTL as he assaulted the men who were going to transport him. He didn’t kill them, but only wounded them like they did to his brother.
His enraged Grandfather sent more after him, but they quickly learned that the male’s average skills had only grown as they turned him into a weapon. He even tortured one to tell him where he could get more supplies and learning of a warehouse used for Prototypes, he went to it and broke in to find a cloak that was being designed to cloak soldiers in combat. It was still in beta testing and only allowed him to turn into other things, he made use of it as he manually loaded the program into his own remembering how they did it as he learned from one of the men who worked on him and he now armed began a new life.
Staying low, he often stole from Dust shops and regular stores to stay alive as he never went home fearing that his parents would reject him. That was until one night he encountered a Hunter who was rather older and purchasing some Dust when he encountered Zilar. The Hunter who had many years of experience with fighting fought Zilar and defeated him after some time, but not from being harmed, but his Dust running low. The man seeing some potential in him and offered him a chance to enter Beacon only if he were to become a Hunter and use whatever he makes to pay shops back for what he stole. Zilar now with hope gladly accepted and now awaits to enter the school as a new student. He also now needs to become comfortable in his own skin with his own skin.



  • Being Forced to Fight “Please forgive me for what will come.”
  • Being Defeated “It seems that even now I’m average.”
  • Victory “I hope you can forgive me for using this on you.”
  • When his face is revealed, “I hope you don’t puke at my looks.”
  • Being complimented “It’s nothing. . . in all honesty, someone else could of done it better.”
  • When one tries to inflict pain “Are you. . . hurting me?”


  • Zilar is ‘Iron’ and Ander is ‘Man or Warrior’ in Basque
  • Zilar seems to have an initial fear of showing people his face.
    • He fears that people will reject or hate him.
  • He seems not to have a fear of fire nor Beowolves
    • He has a hatred for MTL and his Grandfather
  • He never speaks of who his brother was or even his parents.


  • The S.W.B.C system was heavily influenced by the Gundam Exia Repair from Gundam 00.
    • The Claw comes from mechs with foot claws for autobalance such as Broken Blade.
    • The sword takes from another Exia model
      • Gundam Exia Dark Matter
  • S.W.B.C is an abbreviation for Sawbuck
  • He shares similarities with the Old Norse God Tyr
    • Both were one handed and both were injured by a Wolf
    • The Beowolf who injured Zilar is responsible for the lost of Zilar’s hand.
  • His metal mask may be a play on the Phantom of the Opera.
    • Both their faces were burn to some degree.