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Equality is only achieved through peace, not violence.
— Zircona Hart
Zircona Hart
Age 17
Status Active
Color Emerald
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Black Panther
Born Where: Mistral
When: ???
Handedness Right
Complexion Dark
Hair Black
Eyes Dark-Green
Semblance TBA
Height 5'6"
Weight 130 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy (formerly)
Team Team BUHI
Partner Uranus Bailey
Occupation Huntress-in-Training (formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives Parents (Deceased)
Cousin: Kaili Hart
Additional Info
Emblem ZirconaSymbol2
Likes Drawing.
Dislikes Racists.
The White Fang.
Special Skills Acrobatics.
Weaknesses Low defense.

Zircona Hart is a young Black Panther Faunus. She attended Beacon Academy as the third member of Team BUHI, with her partner being Uranus Bailey. (More TBA)


Zircona is a dark-skinned girl with green eyes and shoulder-length black hair, bangs covering her forehead. She has a slim figure as well. Her official height is about 5'6", making her the shortest member of her team. Being a Faunus, she has a black, cat-like tail.


When not in uniform, she wears a basic, light green, short-sleeved t-shirt, with a brown, buttoned v-neck vest worn over it. She also wears a pair of brown, closed-heel sandals. A necklace hangs around her neck, a dark green, rectangular-shaped gem dangling from it.

(More TBA)




Zircona believes in equality for all, something which is not fully present between human and Faunus at the moment. As such, she hates those who discriminate the Faunus. Because of this, she believes that something should be done; something often reflected in her speech. However, she disagrees with the White Fang's methods.

Part of the reason Zircona does is because she also believes there's a peaceful solution to everything. She hates violence above anything, and will refuse violent action unless there is absolutely no other way.

Zircona likes to draw, and often makes paper copies of her partner's digital maps - that way, the team still has them even when they don't have access to a WiFi connection.

(More TBA)

- Hard-working

- Realist

- Positive for others' sake



Zircona was born in Mistral to a middle-class Faunus couple. Both worked hard, bringing home their salaries to support themselves and their daughter. Both Humans and Faunus lived in their neighborhood, coexisting peacefully. Many of the Faunus, including Zircona's own parents, were members of the (then peaceful) White Fang.

Due to their involvement with the organization, Zircona saw much of the discriminated Faunus' struggles during her childhood. Many of them appeared at soup kitchens and homeless shelters where her family volunteered, and Zircona would often listen to their stories - most of which were toned down for her young ears. While still a child, she understood enough to know that there were Humans who didn't like the Faunus.

(More TBA?)


(Skipping stuff...)

In the orphanage, Zircona had her first real encounter with racist Humans. A couple of the older kids had grown up being taught that Faunus were basically scum, and started harassing the Panther Faunus. However, she managed to ignore them, for the most part, and found friends in some of the kinder children.

(More TBA)

Beacon Academy

(Skipping more stuff...)

Taking Kaili's advice, Zircona tried out for Beacon, getting accepted. After the initiation, she was placed in Team BUHI, becoming a valued member of the team.

Battle of Beacon & Aftermath

(Skipping stuff again...)

After the Fall of Beacon, Zircona and the rest of her team took shelter with Uranus's family on Patch, whom opened up their home to refugees. Not wanting to be dead weight, the Faunus helped out the Baileys wherever and however she could, while keeping in-touch with Kaili and her foster parents.

During this time, Zircona also became very concerned about Sandi, who shut himself in a room and refused to do anything but brood. She suspected it had to do with the White Fang, remembering his reaction to seeing the organization among the attack. However, he didn't even acknowledge when she tried to talk to him.

(More TBA)



Zircona's symbol, hand-done by me (on lined paper; do ignore the erased tail in the middle).

Kaili Hart

As Zircona's older cousin and another Huntress-in-Training, Kaili has gained a certain amount of respect from the Faunus. Zircona is one of the few that knows the real Kaili - the one underneath the images of royal snob and rebellious prankster. She also feels responsible for Kaili's recklessness and carelessness, as the young woman's only known living relative.

Sandi Beryl

Being her team leader, Zircona respects Sandi. However, she's noted how he gets edgy around Faunus, including herself, and how he talks about the White Fang, which lead her to wonder about what happened in the past to make him act this way. She tried getting him to talk numerous times, but Sandi refused to say anything.

As such, when Sandi finally did open up, Zircona wasn't particularly surprised with his story. She's glad her teammate has finally opened up, but is worried that his anger will get the best of him. (More TBA)

Uranus Bailey

Uranus is Zircona's shy partner. She tries to help him open up, but hasn't had much success.

(More TBA)

Istalrí Fiarie




Zircona's weapon is named Iron Panther, after her Faunus heritage.

- Martial arts weapon

- Transforming?

- Some spiky feature...?

Semblance & Abilities




Being a Faunus, she has night vision, allowing her to navigate the team in dark places.

Zircona is very acrobatic, usually managing to land on her feet and doing flips and twists in the air. Her leg muscles are also very developed, as she's able to leap long and high distances. This, combined with being a martial artist, makes her a very good fighter, weapon or no.

(More TBA)

Zircona's Stats :

Primary Role Martial Artist
Secondary Role Night-time Navigator
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo
Battle Skill
Semblance Mastery
Social Charm


  • Her first name comes from the gem zircon.
  • Hart is an alternative spelling of heart.
  • Zircona alludes to Thumbelina from the fairy tale of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen. Her small size and love for nature attribute to this.
  • Originally, Iron Panther took it's basis from the Leather Gauntlets and Iron Claws equipment items from the game Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. I have since then recycled this idea into Hot Havoc, Ember Maerts's BCGG (Ballistic Clawed Grappling Gauntlets).
    • Coincidentally, Ember is also a good friend of Zircona's cousin Kaili.
  • Her original Semblance was Sensor, which is now her partner's Semblance instead.


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