Age 18
Status Alive
Color Purple
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Slightly pale
Eyes Ashy gray
Height 5'5"
Weight 125lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Occupation Student, Hunter-in-training
Jobs Ninja
Additional Info
Emblem Zise's Emblem
Likes Techno, Explosions, Happiness
Dislikes Stillness, Quietness, Sadness
Weaknesses If she stops moving for any reason she takes a while to wind back up.
"I hope you don't break my heart. If you don't want to, then make this interesting." -Zǐsè

Zǐsè is the property of CeroWest


Zǐsè has a very hyper personality with a fighting style to match. She is almost never completely still and is sometimes so overt she's covert. To those she knows well this doesn't bother them but it can sometimes be off-putting to strangers. This doesn't bother her, though. She figures that if a person can't deal with her, they probably wouldn't be a fun friend.

Weapons and Abilities

Her weapons are a bladed fan that spits out kunai and a glove that shoots out needles. Her fighting style usually invoves her dancing around the area like she's at a rave. She does this fast enough to dizzy the enemy then hits the shut down nerve in the neck with a needle from her glove. if this strategy doesn't work she'll take out her fan and switch between her usual style and a more refined and proffessional fighting style.

She uses her energy to babble people into talking when she interrogates. Typically she'll handcuff people's hands to the table and legs to the chairs, then just start talking. Eventually, they get to the point where they can't take anymore and talk.


Zǐsè grew up in Vale, but didn't consider being a hunter until she was 16. Before that, when she was 12, she studied to be a cop and took kunoichi training to help her for combat. It was an argument with her sister about fighting Darkness with Light and whether it was worth it that made her want to become a huntress. She attended Signal Academy where she was a decent fighter but due to her short attention span and high energy had trouble in the classroom, much to her chagrin. With tutors, she was able to pass high enough to move on to Beacon but just barely.


Her first name is Chinese for purple and her last name is Japanese for Heart

She also goes by Lave, short for Lavender.

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