Zwei Bründer

Zwei Bründer The weapon of Hans Farro

Bow Form

This form is most useful for the firing of dust-tipped arrows, While his ability to fight close with the weapon in this form is limited, the variety of dust-tipped arrows grants it a considerable tactical versitility that allows him to weaken and immobilize enemies using Ice or Lightning before going in for the kill. Though he tends to save it as a last resort he also keeps a few Fire-tipped arrows for high explosive damage to blow away large groups or single targets of immense size. 

Long-Slash Form

The wire can tie down on the handle swiftly and lock into place, The user (Han's Farro) then uses the longer handle to wield the primary blade two-handed. The secondary blade swings around during or after the initial attack, adding a follow up slash or extending the range depending on usage.

Broad-Slash Form

The wire bears some elasticity but is durable and narrow allowing it to cut once it is at full tension. When both blades slash in starting at the same point the wire drags through turning what would be two narrow long cuts into one very broad and gaping wound.

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